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Field Monitor Pro 15.4-inch Foldable USB Monitor

Posted in monitors by Conner Flynn on December 19th, 2010

The 15.4-inch Field Monitor Pro from Mobile Monitor Technologies is for those of us who need a second monitor in the field or in the office. The device was specifically designed with accountants in mind to help them with field audit work.

It folds up to protect the screen during transport and its case is made of an ABS/ polycarbonate blend with a wall that is twice as thick. It also has a built-in numeric keypad for efficient data entry. The Field Monitor Pro will be launched in 2011.

Eolic: Foldable wind-powered generator

Posted in News by Conner Flynn on January 20th, 2010

The Eolic is a foldable, portable wind-powered generator for the masses. The idea is that you just set it up where a breeze is, and start turning that wind into energy for your TV, Xbox 360, whatever.

It’s certainly an idea whose time has come, but to be practical, it would need to generate a large amount of energy. You would also need windy days on a regular basis. But we like it and would love to give something like this a try.

Rocketfish laptop case

Posted in Notebooks by Conner Flynn on December 6th, 2009

Rocketfish laptop caseThe Rocketfish Laptop Case may not be all that stylish, but it is super useful as it can be folded inside out and double as a portable laptop desk. It will accommodate laptops up to 15.4-inches and for only $49.99, which won’t break the bank.

It would be great for car trips and vacations. Just take your laptop out of the case, fold the case and you are good to go. If they added just a bit of style to this, more users might be interested at that price.

JVC black series foldable headphones

Posted in JVC by Conner Flynn on July 30th, 2009

JVC black series foldable headphonesThe new JVC Black series HA-M750 and HA-S650 are designed to be used with the latest generation of portable audio devices. The JVC HA-M750 is a full-size headphone with a 1.57-inch (40mm) driver unit for deep bass. It offers “DJ-style” one-ear monitoring with unique twistable housing, and a foldable design for portability. This one comes with a slim, gold-plated iPhone-compatible plug and a ¼-inch plug adapter.

The JVC HA-S650 is a flat-folding model that’s also easy to take with you. It’s also light so it’s comfortable when using it for long periods. This one has a 1.42-inch (36mm) driver for deep bass and the 3.94-foot (1.2 meter) pure copper cord minimizes friction noise. Also has a slim, gold-plated iPhone-compatible plug.

Vax77 Foldable 77-Key Keyboard

Posted in Musical Instruments by Conner Flynn on December 22nd, 2008

Vax77 Foldable 77-Key KeyboardIn recent years it’s become easier for the musician on the go to be able to travel lighter or save some space in the band’s van. Like the folding guitar, the Vax77 Foldable 77-Key Keyboard will neatly fold up so you can take your show on the road.

Folded in half, it will only take up 23.3″ of space. That’s small enough that you can put it in the front seat of your car or take it with you on an airplane. Some features include a 3.5-inch color LCD display, MIDI in/out and USB 1.1 connections, four pedal inputs and and many synthesizer presets. I don’t see a price, but I expect that portability will cost you.

IBM ThinkPad W700 has integrated second display

Posted in IBM by Conner Flynn on December 18th, 2008

IBM ThinkPad W700 has integrated second displayWe didn’t see this one coming. Although we had hoped for something like it, after seeing the Apple Tribook. The new IBM ThinkPad W700 may only have one integrated secondary display, but it’s a foldable, 10.6 inch secondary display, with 768 x 1,280 pixels and LED backlight.

This may not be an Apple Tribook, but hell that was just a fancy dream. This one is real and the IBM ThinkPad W700 feature list has us impressed.