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Focus Design’s self-balancing unicycle

Posted in Personal Transport by Conner Flynn on October 19th, 2008

Focus Design’s self-balancing unicycleThe latest in personal transport promises to make you look ridiculous on your way to work. Focus Design’s SBU electric self-balancing unicycle will also help those circus Clowns who never mastered balance, thereby making it easier to graduate from Clown College.

The SBU can be steered by leaning left to right, like a regular unicycle, and it uses Segway-type gyroscopes to power you forward and backward. It moves at 8MPH and lasts about 1.5hrs on a single charge. Yes, it’s coming to market, for real. Focus is looking to do a limited run of ten SBUs next month, assuring those who buy it that they don’t look dorky at all for $1,500 a pop. Check out a video below.