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Freedom Stick laughs at firewalls, Chinese officials

Posted in USB by Conner Flynn on August 9th, 2008

Freedom Stick laughs at firewalls, Chinese officialsThe Freedom Stick is some sort of propaganda device designed to help those who are paranoid within the great wall of China while the olympics are going on. It’s a USB dongle that comes pre-loaded with software that can secure the communications of almost any computer that it’s connected to.

The developer, Chaos Computer Club of Germany, says that it relies on The Onion Router network to cloak your connections, routing traffic using an anonymous computer so that your Internet usage can not be tracked by say, the Chinese government. It will retail for $30 and is available for the duration of the summer Olympics in Beijing, China. Sounds like a joke. But they are sure to get many sales as the paranoia level in that city will be sky high, both from the government and the people.