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iPad to be used in airplane cockpits

Posted in iPad by Conner Flynn on March 7th, 2011

The iPad truly is being used everywhere. Now the Federal Aviation Administration has granted early approval to use them in airplane cockpits, as major commercial airline companies including Delta want to do away with paper maps.

It’s a great idea, but maybe they could have one or two paper maps still. Just in case. The FAA has also started to grant approval for “electronic flight bags,” alternatively known as computers for aviation use in the last decade. Let’s hope the pilots don’t get too distracted playing Angry Birds or watching movies.

Aeroscraft Aeros ML866 looks like a flying whale

Posted in Aircraft by Conner Flynn on April 10th, 2008

Aeroscraft Aeros ML866 looks like a flying whale
A strange new aircraft is a bit closer to take-off with the announcement that the FAA has accepted the type certification application for the Aeroscraft model Aeros ML866. It looks like some sort of flying whale, though it’s described as a new paradigm in air transport. At 210 ft long, 118 ft wide, the ML866 is a buoyancy assisted air vehicle with a rigid structure that generates lift through aerodynamics, thrust vectoring and gas buoyancy.

The craft boasts a range of more than 3000 miles and a top speed of 138mph, plus it has some unique properties for a craft of its size. Like the ability to hover, take-off and land vertically, along with complete autonomy from airports. It is now officially a new type of aircraft.