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JVC launches three new Everio Camcorders

Posted in Camcorders by Conner Flynn on December 15th, 2010

JVC has just announced three new Everio camcorders all featuring 40x optical zoom, full HD video recording, SD/SDHC slot, USB port, HDMI interface together with a 2.7-inch LCD screen and automatic uploading to Facebook and YouTube.

The higher-end model numbers GZ-HM670 and GZ-HM690 are equipped with a 3.3MP CMOS sensor improving their ability to record video in dark areas. That should come in handy for Bigfoot and UFO sightings. The lower end model the HM450 only has a 1.5MP CMOS sensor.

JVC Everio GZ-HM1 ships

Posted in Camcorders by Conner Flynn on April 6th, 2010

JVC has started shipping the Everio GZ-HM1 camcorder which handles native 1080p video capture and has the ability to capture in low light conditions with its 10.6-megapixel, back-illuminated CMOS sensor. The sensor works in lighting as dim as four lux while being sensitive to light sensitivity as high as ISO 6,400.

The HM1 will also boast manual controls that can override aperture, bracketing and shutter speed when you need to. It comes with 64GB of internal memory that can be expanded by another SDHC memory card.

JVC Everio GZ-HM340 HD camcorder with 16GB of internal storage

Posted in Camcorders by Conner Flynn on February 2nd, 2010

The newest member of the JVC Everio camcorder family is the GZ-HM340, with 16GB of internal Flash memory, a 20x optical Konica Minolta zoom lens, 1.37 megapixel CMOS sensor and image stabilization.

Some other features include one-touch upload to YouTube, face detection and an SD / SDHC expansion slot. This camcorder is set to arrive later this month for $500. We aren’t sure if it captures anything other than AVCHD or not.

JVC Everio GZ-HM400

Posted in Camcorders by Conner Flynn on July 30th, 2009

JVC Everio GZ-HM400JVC’s latest full HD camcorder is getting ready to hit the market, the Everio GZ-HM400. The Everio GZ-HM400 will be available this August for about €820 and is pretty similar to the JVC Everio GZ-X900. Some features include:

A 10.3-megapixel CMOS sensor, 2.8″ LCD display, 32GB internal memory, SDHC memory card slot, Konica Minolta HD Lens with a 10x Optical zoom, HDMI output, 600fps mode, K2 audio technology, iTunes and YouTube support.

JVC intros two new camcorders

Posted in JVC by Conner Flynn on December 11th, 2008

JVC intros two new camcordersJVC is ready for the holiday season and has unveiled two more Everio camcorders in Japan: the 60GB GZ-MG840 and the 120GB GZ-MG860 that will record videos in a DVD-resolution 720×480 wide format while combining both a hard drive and a microSDHC memory card as its storage.

They also feature a special YouTube capture mode that allows you to record YouTube-friendly videos that won’t need to be converted later, helping you save some time. Both models feature 42x optical zoom with image stabilization. The GZ-MG840 will retail for about $757, while the GZ-MG860 will go for about $811.

JVC’s new Everio concept HD camcorder

Posted in Camcorders by Conner Flynn on September 30th, 2008

JVC’s new Everio concept HD camcorderJVC enters the HD pocket camcorder arena with something new at CEATEC today, with the Everio HD Memory Camera. This SDHC based concept camcorder is expected to be AVCHD ready with an HDMI port. You’ll notice that most of the buttons are conveniently situated within finger distance at the top of the device. There isn’t much info otherwise, but more details will be forthcoming.

New JVC Everio camcorder aimed at YouTube crowd

Posted in Camcorders by Shane McGlaun on May 19th, 2008

JVC Everio GZ-MS100There are lots of people from all walks of life that use YouTube for sharing videos for personal and business needs. The problem for many is that uploading and sizing videos for the service can be a pain and the dedicated YouTube camcorders are often junk.

JVC has announced its latest Everio camcorder called the GZ-MS100 aimed at giving YouTube users a quality camera that is easy to use. JVC says the camera features a UPLOAD buttons that allows users to press the button and then start recording. The camera will limit the recording to 10 minutes automatically to match the file size to the YouTube maximum file size.

CES 2008

JVC rolls out new Everio HDD camcorders

Posted in Camcorders,CES 2008,JVC by Darrin Olson on January 8th, 2008

JVC Everio GZ-MG730 HDD CamcorderAt the CES show this year JVC is launching a new line of their Everio hard disk camcoders, ranging in features, hard drive capacities and even coming in four different colors. JVC is also touting this new lineup to currently be the worlds smallest HDD camcorders available at around 20 percent smaller than the previous models.

All these camcorders utilize a hard disk drive to store video and pictures, ridding the need for discs or tapes, and they come with HDD capacities of either 30GB or 60GB and with or without docks depending on the model. They all also feature an SD card slot, 2.7-inch widescreen LCD and a new touch-sensitive scroll bar to the right of the LCD screen for navigating the menus and selecting videos. This sounds like it would be nice since it still allows easy touch navigation but lets JVC use a better display and avoid finger prints all over it, as what happens when using an actual touch screen.