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The Samsung ST6500 was designed to be comfortable in your hands

Posted in Cameras by Conner Flynn on January 19th, 2011

Samsung has just launched the ST6500 which has a slightly squished look. That’s because it is designed to be curved around the lens and angled at 7 degrees so that it fits more comfortably in your hands. That’s something we can all appreciate. The ST6500 packs a 16 megapixel sensor, 5X optical zoom, a Samsung Lens f = f4.7~23.5mm and a 3″ multi-purpose LCD touchscreen.

The camera supports 720p HD video recording and has some in-built tools to help with your photographs and do some minor touchups on the go. The ST6500 will cost $229 when it becomes available in March.

Acer introduces a pair of new ergonomic LCDs

Posted in Acer by Shane McGlaun on January 19th, 2009

Generic Acer LCDMost LCDs on the market today have plenty of brightness, good color reproduction and response times fast enough for gaming. Where the major differences in brands come in are things like color reproduction and the type of stand the display uses.

Most cheap LCDs have stands that only allow the screen to tilt slightly. When you type for eight hours or more on the LCD, it’s really important to be able to customize the display to your needs to prevent eye and neck strain. Acer has introduced a pair of new LCDs that are ergonomic, offering multiple adjustments for tilt, angle, and height.

Smartfish Pro prevents carpal tunnel by adjusting itself

Posted in Keyboards by Conner Flynn on January 14th, 2009

Smartfish Pro prevents carpal tunnel by adjusting itselfTyping on the computer all day can lead to some problems. And I’m not talking lack of sleep and a steady diet of Hot Pockets. I’m talking carpal tunnel syndrome. Between comments on Facebook, twitter, gaming and commenting here at the ‘Brick, we are all just one keystroke away from carpal tunnel at any given time. The Smartfish Pro is designed to help prevent it rather then causing it.

Yeah, we’ve heard it all before. There are all kinds of ergonomic gadgets on the market and most seem like they don’t do jack. There’s even an ergonomic mouse or five. The Smartfish Pro actually has a chance of helping the problem and standing out from the crowd. That’s because it is outfitted with motors that slightly shift the keyboards angle throughout the entire day. This may actually help with repetitive stress injuries.

Datamancer’s ergonomic Steampunk keyboard

Posted in Keyboards by Conner Flynn on November 3rd, 2008

Datamancer’s ergonomic Steampunk keyboardDatamancer has done it again and this one looks like it would be pretty comfortable to use. It’s got the usual brass, wood and classic typewriter keys, along with some other really super details. Like some violet LEDs, an acanthus-leaf pattern etched into the brass, and a soft burgundy wrist pad that is removable for cleaning. It began life as a very rare but plain IBM Model M-15 split ergonomic keyboard, but as you can see, it looks much better now.

HandshoeMouse doesn’t look like a shoe or a hand

Posted in Mouse by Shane McGlaun on October 3rd, 2008

HandshoeMouseFor some computer users working on a PC all day is a literal pain because of all the repetitive stress from typing and using a mouse. There are many different types of ergonomic computer peripherals on the market and some work well. A new ergonomic mouse is being announced that was developed by two major medical universities in Holland.

The mouse has the rather odd name — HandshoeMouse. You might expect it to be shaped like either a hand or a shoe thanks to the litany of strange peripherals on the market. The HandshoeMouse has extensive medical studies to back up its strange design.

Humanscale Ergonomic Mouse rocks like a boat on the bottom

Posted in Mouse by Conner Flynn on September 22nd, 2008

Humanscale Ergonomic Mouse rocks like a boat on the bottomUsing a mouse and keyboard for hours everyday can have some bad effects on the wrist and fingers. When bloggers begin their careers, they start out with beautiful model quality hands, but after awhile they look down and realize that they’re typing with withered witch hands. Okay, not really, but it takes it’s toll. Repetitive stress injuries can cause a lot of pain, which is why you want an ergonomic mouse. And Humanscale has an odd one.

They’ve announced the adjustable ergonomic mouse called the Switch, which can be used for right or left handed users. The Switch has a 45-degree angle on the bottom to help minimize wrist stress and to help it look somewhat like on a boat. Also has a navigation dish that helps prevent injury from constant scrolling. If you’ve ever seen an injury from constant scrolling then you know it can be a gruesome scene, often followed by shouts of “Blogger Down!” and cries for help. No word on price yet.

Kinesis ergonomic keyboards double as bookends

Posted in Keyboards by Conner Flynn on July 21st, 2008

Kinesis ergonomic keyboards double as bookends
Kinesis has dropped a pair of new accessories that will make their Freestyle keyboards more ergonomic. You be the judge. The Freestyle V3 accessory clips beneath the base of the keyboard and gives you three different slope settings, while the Freestyle Ascent Multi-tent will let you set each half in ten degree increments all the way up to 90 degrees. It will lock them in at the desired distance apart from one another and could probably let you use your keyboard as bookends if you wanted. The V3 costs $25 and the Ascent comes in at a whopping $200. Great way to play with your keyboard and type sideways.


City Mouse: Smooth curves & ergonomic design

Posted in Mouse by Conner Flynn on May 12th, 2008

City Mouse: Smooth curves & ergonomic design
We’ve seen our share of concept mice here at the Brick, but this one tends to hold your eye and make you pause. It looks somewhat sexy, yet unfinished. It’s almost prententious. The City mouse is designed by d-Vision and has a shape that’s supposedly much more in harmony with how we use our hands.

The design means more precise movement and fewer repetitive stress injuries. As far as anyone can tell, you don’t slide this thing around on your desk. You tilt it, rocking the curved bottom to move your arrow. It’s nice. I like it. I would rock it’s curved bottom, for sure.

Switch Mouse: Easy navigation & ergomonics

Posted in Mouse by Conner Flynn on April 29th, 2008

Switch Mouse: Easy navigation & ergomonicsComputer ergonomics is a science that keeps getting better and the Switch Mouse concept another attempt to move it forward. The Switch Mouse sits snug in your palm, which lets your shoulder muscles do all the work, taking some strain from your hand muscles.

It also features an integrated pad to keep the heel of your palm comfortably in place while you are not using the mouse. A circular joypad is used for scrolling. So tapping your finger will allow you to scroll up and down and side to side. It can also be adjusted for length which gives you the perfect fit. It’s an interesting idea and may well prove useful.

Ergonomic coffee mug fits your lips

Posted in Home by Conner Flynn on April 5th, 2008

Ergonomic coffee mug fits your lips
Here’s a mug designed with a thin contour at the top that’s slightly curved to conform to your lips. I can only speak for myself, but I’ve been consuming liquid beverages all my life and I haven’t found a need to buy myself a special cup due to unwanted spillage or slobbering all over myself.

But if you’re someone who can’t manage to drink your morning coffee without spilling it all over yourself, maybe this would help. A sippy cup is probably far more traditional, however. I would suggest that if you’re an adult and find yourself needing a special cup, then you probably need a special hemet as well.

“Wow-Pen Joy” ergonomic mouse on the way

Posted in Mouse by Conner Flynn on February 20th, 2008

“Wow-Pen Joy” ergonomic mouse on the way
The name “Wow-Pen Joy” doesn’t exactly inspire much confidence in this new fangled mouse. My first impression is that it looks an awful lot like you are giving your desk an ultrasound. I’d be curious to know if it finds anything. Hope they used enough lube. This device is set to be released in North American and Sweden sometime next month, by a Korean company called WOW Technology.

I can almost be sold on the fact that the shape of this thing could provide for a more natural way of using a mouse, but then I figure that over time it would probably just cripple NEW areas of your wrist. For $30, it won’t break the bank for you to find out.


Wow-Pen Traveler is unique in form and function

Posted in Ergonomic,Mouse by Reuben Drake on October 19th, 2007

Wow Pen Traveler is a more ergonomic mouse with laser pointer, Bluetooth and memoryWOW TECH has a newer version of their ergonomically designed Wow-Pen mouse coming to the U.S. later this month called the Wow-Pen Traveler. The Traveler, like the “eco”, has a unique design that lets you hold it more comfortably like a pen to put less strain on your wrist and arm according the company. But this mouse also packs a few more nice features into is odd-looking design.

Ergonomic gaming for your fingers

Posted in Games,Keyboards,Toshiba by Chetz on September 7th, 2007

Toshiba circular ergonomic gaming keyboardSighted at the IFA trade show currently taking place in Berlin is this funky red ergonomic keyboard. Sure, we’ve all seen/used keyboards in the past that have promised to save wear and tear on our fingers but this nifty little circular keyboard was designed in mind for the serious gamer.

Toshiba made it and owns the patent on it. There are 55 keys circled around the pad; notice how this keyboard is a QWERGT design and the O, B and K keys are separate buttons? Toshiba says that their keyboard has extra large control buttons to make playing games easier for your digits.

Microsoft Ergonomic Desktop 7000

Posted in Keyboards,Microsoft,Mouse by Darrin Olson on June 19th, 2007

Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Desktop 7000 keyboard and mouseMicrosoft released news of a new keyboard and mouse combination targeting those that are at the computer for extended periods of time and could benefit from a more ergonomic design. The Natural Ergonomic Desktop 7000 bundles the Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 with the Wireless Mouse 6000 together for a $150 package that should hit shelves in July.

Both components of the ergonomic desktop connect through 2.4 GHz RF-wireless connections with a USB receiver. The keyboard keys has a winged design which according to Microsoft will give your hands a more natural position while typing, and the mouse fits your hand “as naturally as a handshake”.

The mouse has a number of nice features including 4-way scrolling, an instant viewer to navigate between open windows (Alt-Tab too tough?), a magnifier to catch that small print and a both pieces have a battery life …