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EVO-001 electric bike is limited edition and handmade

Posted in Green,Green Gadget by Shane McGlaun on April 28th, 2010

I wish I were rich; I would buy any car/gadget/cool item that tickled my fancy. I would need a second house just for all the gadgets I would end up with and a massive garage full of cars and other toys. What I don’t think I would spend money on is an electric bike.

A company called M55 has a sweet electric bike that anyone into that sort of thing might be interested in. The bike is called the EVO-001 and is handmade with a single piece of aluminum for a frame. The electric motor is placed for stability.

Ultra Motor A2B electric bike coming soon

Posted in Personal Transport by Shane McGlaun on August 13th, 2008

Ultra Motor A2B BikeI know several people from big cities like New York and Chicago who don’t own cars. They don’t own cars because they don’t want the expense of parking or the hassle of trying to find parking coupled with the massive amount of traffic the cities have. That leaves them with the options of public transport, walking, or riding a bike.

Public transport like a city bus works okay, but you never know who you will have to sit by. Riding a bike or walking is all fine and dandy, as long as you don’t get sweaty by the time you get to the office. For the sweaty types that are looking for something that doesn’t require as much effort as biking or walking to work, and still doesn’t mean they have to sit next to Mr. Stinky on the subway, the Ultra Motor A2B electric bike is available.