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Elecom faucet iPad/iPhone stand

Posted in iPhone Accessories by Reuben Drake on August 4th, 2011

This sexy Elecom stand designed by Nendo is pretty unusual and cool. It’s not very practical, but at least it looks stylish. It’s made from polycarbonate and ABS faucet parts and is designed to look like a faucet with water flowing out of it.

It will be available in clear, black, blue and white, but there is no word price or the availability. It is certainly unique.

Elecom introduces the “Un Photoalbum”

Posted in Digital Photo Frames by Reuben Drake on August 2nd, 2011

Elecom’s new “Un Photoalbum” is a new kind of Digital Picture Frame that fills the gap between the conventional picture frame and the PMP. The idea is that users can enjoy “holding” the picture frame like they would hold the real photo.

It comes in black and white and features an 8” LED backlight screen with a 1280×768 resolution, has 2GB of internal memory, a SDXC Slot, HDMI out, USB 2.0 and USB OTG, and also supports Full HD Video playback as well as DivX, H.264… Video files. The DPF-A8WM10 series will give you enough juice to display photos for up to 1h30. Anyone interested?

Elecom Nendo Orime Mouse

Posted in Mouse by Conner Flynn on July 25th, 2011

The Elecom Nendo Orime mouse was inspired by origami. It looks like it could also be a stealth fighter. It’s not very ergonomic though. I can see this really hurting your hand.

If you want one and don’t care about hand cramping and pain, the Elecom Nendo Orime 5 button mouse is available in black, red, silver, and white for $84.32 right now. We dig the unique design even if it isn’t very practical.

Elecom Oppopet Mouse Has A Tail

Posted in Mouse by Conner Flynn on July 12th, 2011

The Elecom Oppopet mouse truly looks like a mouse since the wireless receiver plugs into the back of the mouse for storage and makes it look like a tail. There are a variety animal tails to choose from. There is a fox, dog, dolphin, cat, pig, squirrel, chameleon and rabbit.

To use the mouse, just remove the tail and plug it into your computer’s USB port, turn on the mouse, and you’re ready. This mouse has 1,000dpi and a range of up to 3m It’s powered by one AAA battery. Pretty cute.

Elecom iPod Shuffle Headphones

Posted in iPod Accessories by Conner Flynn on November 17th, 2010

The new Shuffle is tiny, so Elecom’s Actrail headphones cut out the middleman, plugging the Shuffle in next to the right earpiece. Awesome design. You can only attach the current-generation Shuffle to the Actrails right now.

They’re available in pink or white for $50 in Japan, but it won’t be long until others copy the design and offer it up in the States. it doesn’t get more wireless than that.

Elecom announces a new series of external batteries for Smartphones

Posted in Batteries by Conner Flynn on November 16th, 2010

We have a ton of features in today’s smartphones and sadly that means more drain on the battery. It’s just a fact of life. As we can do more, battery life is sacrificed. Well, Elecom wants to help.

They have come up with a pocket battery that was specially designed to recharge your smartphone. Inside, it holds a 1600mAh battery that will feature special tips for phones from various manufacturers including Apple, Samsung and Sony Ericsson. Hopefully this will hit the US market soon too.

Elecom introduces its first Bluetooth 3.0 Laser Mouse

Posted in Mouse by Conner Flynn on November 10th, 2010

The M-BT6BL Series is Elecom’s new Bluetooth 3.0 Laser mouse. We suppose it’s about as exciting as a regular old mouse can get.

If you like your mice compact, this one is only 74.3×52.3×33.4mm and weighs just 43g without batteries (2x AAA Batteries). The mouse comes with an 800/1600 DPI resolution and will be available starting next month in Japan for about $52.


Elecom Nano SSD

Posted in SSD by Conner Flynn on September 12th, 2010

Elecom’s Nano SSD is a mini Solid State Drive hardisk that can be installed directly on your computer’s motherboard so that it’s out of your way. It measures just 25mm x 6.5mm x 39mm and supports Serial ATA Revision 2.6 specifications and delivers a high speed data transfer.

It’s priced at 13,900 Yen or about $165. You can get the Elecom Nano SSD in 8GB and 16GB storage capacities.

Elecom USB Flash Drives look like plugs

Posted in USB by Conner Flynn on July 28th, 2010

Are you a fan of plugs? Do you like to plug things in and pull them out again because it gives you a rush? Well, you obviously have problems, but maybe these flash drives can satisfy your urge to plug one thing into another thing.

These new Elecom USB Flash Drives are designed to look like wall plugs and come in 4GB capacities. You can get them in your choice of black, blue, green or pink and even include extra data encryption software.

Magnetic Elecom Card Reader sticks to metal surfaces

Posted in Card Readers by Conner Flynn on October 27th, 2009

Magnetic Elecom Card Reader sticks to metal surfacesSure a card reader on your desk is easy enough to use, but the problem is that we have so many USB toys and other things on our desks that space is getting scarce. That’s why this new Elecom card reader is pretty handy.

It’s magnetic, so it will stick to metal surfaces, keeping it out of the way, but still readily available for your needs. Plus, it looks nice and retro which we love. It will only cost you $27.

Elecom LEGO brick headphones

Posted in Earbuds by Conner Flynn on October 8th, 2009

Elecom LEGO brick headphonesWhy must I always repeat myself? What, do ya got bricks in your ears? Oh, you do. Or you will. Very soon. Because Elecom will soon offer these LEGO Soundblock headphones that any Lego freak has to love.

And they retail for just $23. These Brick-buds will make their debut in Japan later this month in shades of black, blue, red, white, pink and mixed colors. Are you Lego fan enough to wear them?


Elecom launches new headphones for fashionistas

Posted in Headphones by Conner Flynn on September 29th, 2009

Elecom launches new headphones for fashionistasElecom is hitting the headphones market with a colorful one-two punch with the release of the EHP-OH100 series otherwise known as “Sundries Contrast”. They are available in a variety of 7 different colors, are of questionable fashion and feature a 30mm driver unit, a 30 Ohm impedance, an output of 104dB/1mW and works on a 20Hz to 20kHz frequency.

They’ll cost you around $56. You can just see the meeting that birthed these. “Colors. People love colors. Yeah and what if they fold? Users love to fold stuff. Who doesn’t like to fold? Play up the fashion angle.”

Elecom Soap Mouse

Posted in Mouse by Conner Flynn on September 16th, 2009

Soap MouseWant to send someone a message about their personal hygiene? Why not gift them the Soap Mouse from Elecom. The company just launched this USB mouse that looks like… soap. Soap on a usb rope if you will.

The Elecom M-SP1UR/ M-SP2UR optical mouse features 800dpi resolution and weighs just 65-grams. It won’t clean anything and it just smells like plastic, but if you are a fan of soap, hey why not. It’s available in three colors and retails for 2000 Yen or about $21.

Elecom releases multi-colored web cameras

Posted in Webcams by Conner Flynn on August 25th, 2009

ElecomIf you are looking to add some color to your life, Japan’s Elecom is offering the UCAM-DLC300T Series. It’s a three megapixel USB web camera that fits onto the top of standard laptop screens allowing you to video chat instantly and easily.

It’s not just about laptops though. The web cam is also designed to work with the Sony Playstation 3 while offering 30 frames per second image transmission. The UCAM-DLC300T webcams come in white, black, pink and sky blue, and are compatible with PC or Mac.

Elecom drops 2 new Keyboards, for the Wii and PS3

Posted in Wii Accessories by Conner Flynn on August 18th, 2009

Elecom drops 2 new Keyboards, for the Wii and PS3Wii and PS3 typists can rejoice. Elecom has your back. Elecom has released another pair of keyboards in the TK-U01MAL series. Both are available in USB with a 3m long cord, and are available in black to match your PS3 and in white to match your Wii.

Since these keyboards are primarily made to be used with the two gaming consoles, they have a “stand-up” design so that they can take up as small of a footprint as possible and be put away out of sight easier. Nothing on pricing or whether the Elecom TK-U01MAL series keyboard will be available in the States.

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