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Toys ‘R’ Us to sell iPods & Eee PCs

Posted in News by Conner Flynn on October 27th, 2008

Toys ‘R’ Us to sell iPods & Eee PCsToys ‘R’ Us long known as the place where a kid can be a kid, will now be offering iPods and Eee PCs. They aren’t new to electronics, but they’ve never been big on gadgetry in general, except for their Zune sales that began last year.

Now they will be offering iPods in an “iPod boutique,” where you can purchase shuffles, nanos, touches and accessories all in the hopes that they meet their bottom line. I can see it now. An “iPod boutique,” with no employee in sight. The Eee PC will be offered in black and white, with 7-inch Linux and XP versions available for $269 and $299.