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Sony VAIO EA and EC Series with Core i3

Posted in Sony by Conner Flynn on June 8th, 2010

Sony has a thing for super bright colors with their new 14-inch VAIO EA and 17.3-inch EC Series. They come in vibrant 80’s colors, like bright green, blue, and pink. And also the plainer matte white, brown and black. These systems will cost you around $700.

Both sport a Core i3 350M CPU, 4GB of RAM, a 320GB hard drive and Windows 7 Home Premium. No Blu-ray options here, but both have optical drives and HDMI ports. Sony also added its instant-on OS, which you can launch by hitting the handy WEB button above the keyboard.

New content Coming to The Beatles: Rock Band tomorrow

Posted in Games by Shane McGlaun on November 16th, 2009

Music games are still doing well and the most recent version of Rock Band is The Beatles: Rock Band. The game has proven to be popular and MTV and Harmonix are set to launch the second DLC pack for the game tomorrow.


The new DLC content will hit the Xbox 360 tomorrow and the PS3 on November 19. The new content is the Sgt. Pepper Lonely Hearts Club Band. The content will be available per song for $1.99 each or as an entire album.

Madden 10 hits the iPhone

Posted in iPhone Accessories by Conner Flynn on September 9th, 2009

Madden 10 hits the iPhoneEA Sports hits Apple’s App Store with a new game that takes full advantage of the iPhone and iPod’s touch screen. This version of Madden 10 should make it easier for the casual player to enjoy Madden. Beginners won’t even need the playbook, because the game automatically recommends the appropriate plays and the control stick is right on the touchscreen making it easy for those used to playing it on the console.

It looks like PS1 graphics, but if you must have Madden on your phone, it will be available for $9.99 in the App Store. If you get it today, it’s a discounted $7.99.

Rock Band Metal Track Pack coming

Posted in EA by Shane McGlaun on August 14th, 2009

rockband2-logo-sbI am a big fan of Rock Band and the last track pack I bought was for some friends that like country music. The only downside to the Country Track Pack was that it was over very quickly. If country isn’t your thing, a new metal track pack is coming soon for Rock Band.

EA, Harmonix, and MTV Games have announced that a Metal Track Pack is coming on October 13 for Rock Band and Rock Band 2. The track pack offers 20 tracks and six of them are new to the platform. That means the majority of the songs are not new so you will want to be sure you don’t already own some of them before you buy. The pack will sell for $29.99.

The full track list is below:

Artist Song Title
—— ———-
1. All That Remains Two Week…

EA’s Battlefield 1943 sets download-only game records

Posted in EA by Shane McGlaun on July 24th, 2009

bf1943-sb1EA and Dice have been working together on the fantastic Battlefield franchise for a long time now. Most of the games in the franchise have been sold on discs in retail outlets. The first download-only title from the two firms was Battlefield 1943 released earlier this month.

EA and Dice have announced that the game has set sales records for download-only games and has sold over 600,000 copies on Xbox and PS3 since it debuted on July 8. The game set the record for fastest selling day one and first week download games.

EA Battlefield Heroes now has a million players

Posted in EA by Shane McGlaun on July 15th, 2009

battlefieldheroes-sbI am a big fan of online multiplayer shooters. I have spent many an hour fragging happily with Battlefield games and the Call of Duty franchise. Both of those franchises have games that cost around $50 to buy, not cheap but at least there are no fees for online play.

EA has announced that its free to download and play Battlefield Heroes game has now attracted a million players to sign up. The game generates revenue for EA with in-game ads and when players buy in game credits to upgrade their character.

Command & Conquer 4 announced by EA for 2010

Posted in EA by Shane McGlaun on July 10th, 2009

cc4-sbI have been playing the EA Command and Conquer franchise for years. My son and I played lots of C&C 3: Tiberium Wars together. The online battles were always my favorite and the fact that EA threw in cameos from actors I recognized into the cut scenes was cool.

EA LA has announced that Command & Conquer 4 is under development and set to ship in 2010. The new version of the game promises to introduce a multitude of innovations to the C&C game play fans have grown accustomed to. The new game will offer class-based game play, mobile bases, and persistent player progression.


EA announces N-Strike 2 Nerf game for Wii

Posted in EA by Shane McGlaun on July 9th, 2009

nerfnstrike2-sbLast Christmas my son really wanted the Nerf game for the Nintendo Wii from Santa. The game was a cool kid friendly shooter that also could be used with a special Nerf blaster that could hold a Wii remote and shoot real darts. The catch was that the game and the blaster were sold separately.

EA has announced the follow up to the game, which will ship this fall and will be called Nerf 2: N-Strike Elite. The game will ship with a special Nerf Switch Shot EX-3 blaster that features a special red decoder eyepiece that flips up.

EA and Dice announce Battlefield 1943 launch date

Posted in EA by Shane McGlaun on July 6th, 2009

bf1943-sbI am a big fan of the Battlefield franchise and have played most of the games in the series. I really like games like this when they are set in modern times like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, but going old school is cool too.

EA and Dice have announced that the next iteration of the franchise is set to debut on the Xbox and PS3 on July 8 and 9th as a download only. The good news for fans of the franchise is that the game is cheap at $15 or 1200 MS points.

Tiger Wood’s PGA Tour 10 ships

Posted in EA by Shane McGlaun on June 9th, 2009

tigerwoods10-sbSports games traditionally are not my favorite genre. I never bought a sports game for the Xbox 360, PS2, or PS3. I have bought a few sports games for the Wii though that are lots of fun to play thanks to the cool Wii controls.

EA’s Tiger Wood’s PGA Tour 10 is likely to be the best golfing game of the year on the Wii and EA announced that the game has now shipped to retailers around the country. The game is available with the Wii MotionPlus accessory or without it.

EA talks about its E3 lineup

Posted in EA by Shane McGlaun on May 28th, 2009

ea-logo-sbEA is one of the most popular and successful game publishers around. The company has several top game franchises including one of the best selling ever –The Sims. EA is getting set for E3 coming up at the beginning of June and is talking a bit about the games it will be highlighting at the show.

There are a number of games being show at E3 by EA, but one of the coolest is Army of Two: the 40th Day. The game will be available for Xbox 360, PS3, and PSP this winter. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is coming in Q1 2010 for Xbox, PS3, and PC platforms and offers serious destruction to gamers.


Spore Hero and Hero Arena coming to Wii and DS

Posted in EA by Shane McGlaun on May 12th, 2009

sporehero-sbI am a big fan of Spore on the PC. My son likes the game very much as well proving that gamers of all generations find something to like with Spore. Aside from the PC, Spore was also offered on the Wii leaving Xbox and PS3 gamers in the cold.

EA has announced that a couple new Spore titles are coming to Nintendo platforms this fall. Spore Hero for the Wii and Spore Hero Arena will expand the Spore franchise. Spore Hero for the Wii is a story driven game that takes players on missions to save their planet. Along the way, players can find new parts and upgrade their characters.

EA Says 100 million creations now populate Spore universe

Posted in EA by Shane McGlaun on May 4th, 2009

spore100m-sbThe EA and Will Wright video game Spore has been on the market for a while now and is one seriously cool video game. The game allows you to take your character from a single cell through evolution all the way to a space faring species trading with an entire galaxy.

EA says that since the game launched in September 2008 there have been about 100 million creations added to the Spore universe. Out of the 100 million creations in the universe, 31,017,761 are creatures, 19 times as many creatures as there are on Earth says EA.

EA announces new content for Need for Speed Undercover

Posted in EA by Shane McGlaun on May 1st, 2009

nfsundercoverI really like the EA Need for Speed franchise and I have played most every title in the franchise going back to when it first launched when I was a kid. I liked Need for Speed Pro Street, but I missed the police chase action. I was glad when Need for Speed Undercover went back to the franchises roots.

EA has announced that new content packs are now available for Undercover. Two packs are available with the Challenge Series pack being offered for free and adding 60 new events along with new game modes Highway Wars and Highway Checkpoint races and three new cars.

EA announces Madden 10 cover athletes

Posted in EA by Shane McGlaun on April 27th, 2009

madden10cover-sbGamers all have their own personal genres that they tend to enjoy most. If you look at a list of the top selling video game franchises a few of them are surprising like The Sims, but many are no suprise at all. Among the most popular and unsurprising franchises out there is EA’s Madden NFL franchise.

EA has announced the cover athletes for the latest version of the game called Madden NFL 10. The game is set to hit store shelves for the PS3, Wii, and Xbox on August 14. Version 10 of the game is the first to feature two athletes on one cover.