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Japanese toilet analyzes your droppings, sends results to your cell phone

Posted in Health by Conner Flynn on April 2nd, 2009

Japanese toilet analyzes your droppingsNext time you get a call, it might be TMI. See, this here fancy new john wants a word with you. The convo will go something like this, “Hey John. It’s me, your crapper. It’s about your stool…You might want to sit down…Hahaha I slay myself. Just a little toilet humor. But seriously, you gotta lay off the beans buddy… The janitor had to spray twice since you left.”

We’ll it could go down that way. New toilets by Inax will keep an eye on your health and inform you about it via cell phone. It analyzes your stool. Then, a report on your deuce is beamed to a personalized URL or your phone via infrared.