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Exploding Droid 2 was actually dropped?

Posted in News by Conner Flynn on December 11th, 2010

Remember that guy who claimed he was injured when his Motorola Droid 2 exploded in his ear? Well, a source within Motorola believes that the man’s claims are false. Big surprise. This source believes that the phone was dropped and that the guy likely didn’t notice that the glass had cracked, cutting himself when he put his ear to it.

Sounds reasonable to me. The images of the device didn’t give any indication that an explosion had occurred, and the phone still worked so this scenario makes sense. There was also no explosive damage apparent on the device, with nothing blown outward.

Motorola Droid 2 global specifications leaked

Posted in Motorola by Conner Flynn on November 2nd, 2010

The folks over at Droid Life have obtained some specifications on the new Motorola Droid 2 Global and they are looking good. It will come with a 3.7 inch touchscreen display with a resolution of 854 x 800 pixels, while processing comes in the form of a 1.2GHz processor.

There’s also a five megapixel camera with dual LED flash, 8GB of built in storage, plus an 8GB SD card and it will come with Google Android 2.2. Other specifications include, Dual band CDMA and quad bands GSM, Flash 10.1, and it will be available in two seductive colors, Dark Sapphire and Winter White.

Verizon Droid 2 R2-D2 Edition arrives September 30 for $249

Posted in Verizon by Conner Flynn on September 27th, 2010

Verizon has just announced that it will be charging $249 for the R2-D2 Limited Edition, with a $100 mail-in rebate on contract, which means that you’ll actually be paying $350 up front. For that money, you also get a Star Wars-themed dock and a box custom-designed to look like carbonite.

You’ll also get a variety of custom live wallpapers, sounds, photos, widgets, and a “binoculars app,” which is probably a digital zoom tool. There’s no mention of whether this features the rumored 1.2GHz processor from the Droid 2 World Edition.

Motorola DROID 2 first pictures

Posted in Motorola by Conner Flynn on September 22nd, 2010

At first glance there doesn’t appear to be any difference between this thing and the Droid 2 that you can buy today, but the differences are subtle. The only obvious internal change is that it can be used globally. Droid Life claims that this is the Droid 2 World Edition.

It sports a pearly white back and a lighter chrome bezel in front. It might replace the original Droid 2 completely, but until we see some official information no one knows for sure. The OMAP3630 core is apparently clocked up to 1.2GHz. The plain old Droid 2 does 1GHz.

Droid 2 R2-D2 Edition boot animation

Posted in Motorola by Conner Flynn on September 8th, 2010

A new animation for the R2-D2 Edition Motorola Droid 2 has shown up online and it looks like the official version. Star Wars fans will love this one for sure. The Droid 2 R2-D2 edition features the same specifications as the standard edition, with a 3.7 inch WVGA TFT display with a resolution of 480 x 854.

Other specifications include a 1GHz processor, 8GB of built in storage plus a microSD card slot that comes with an 8GB card as standard, and it can be upgraded to a 32GB micro SD card.

Motorola Droid 2 ad makes fun of the iPhone’s lack of flash

Posted in Motorola by Conner Flynn on September 6th, 2010

Motorola is pretty happy about their Droid line. There’s the great sales to be proud of along with the fact that the Droid 2 supports Flash. So the company hasn’t hesitated to get it’s digs in on Apple. Here is the latest.

The company has posted a full-page newspaper ad that parodies Apple’s “there’s an app for that” campaign, with the tagline “there’s a phone for that”. The question is, is Flash support an important factor to buyers?

New pics of the Droid 2: R2-D2 edition

Posted in Star Wars by Conner Flynn on September 5th, 2010

You can expect to see this phone hanging out of your favorite geek’s pocket very soon. It’s the Astromech flavored Droid 2 we’ve all been waiting for. Some pics of the finished phone have shown up and sure enough it still looks like a flattened R2 unit.

This limited-edition Motorola Droid 2 is as close as you are going to get to a pocket R2-D2. This has to be the coolest looking phone ever.


Motorola Droid Pro, Droid 2 World Edition and Android Tablet headed to Verizon?

Posted in Verizon by Conner Flynn on August 16th, 2010

The folks over at Boy Genius Report have received some inside information about some new Android smartphones and tablets that are headed to Verizon Wireless. Looks like there will be a Motorola Droid Pro with a 4 inch display, a 1.3GHz processor, and global roaming, that should be set to launch in November 2010.

There will also be a business edition of the Motorola Droid 2, with a world edition global roaming feature, plus it looks like there may also be an Android based tablet, or maybe a slab style touchscreen smartphone.

First pics of the R2-D2 Droid 2 phone

Posted in Star Wars by Conner Flynn on August 11th, 2010

There’s been a lot of talk about a special version of the Verizon Droid 2 that will look like R2-D2. The special-edition phone isn’t supposed to be shown until tomorrow’s Celebration V show, but the folks at Technabob stumbled upon this picture one day early.

Yep. The shell looks like R2 alright. Hardcore Star Wars fans will want to get on this one right away when it arrives this September. We think R2 makes for a damn fine looking phone if you ask us.

Motorola Droid 2 gets official

Posted in Motorola by Conner Flynn on August 10th, 2010

Finally, at long last Verizon has confirmed that the Droid 2 is real. Even though we knew that already. The details were spotted at Best Buy yesterday. The Droid 2 will ship with Android 2.2, mobile hotspot, Flash Player 10.1 and a revised QWERTY keyboard.

It also has Swype pre-installed. Some other features include a 3.7-inch multitouch display, 5 megapixel camera, DLNA streaming, 8GB of onboard memory and a 8GB microSD card. It goes up for pre-sale tomorrow at $199.99 on a 2-year contract, with in-store availability on Thursday.

Best Buy confirms Droid 2 at $199 with 2-year activation, $599 without

Posted in Best Buy by Conner Flynn on August 8th, 2010

There have been a ton of leaks up to this point, so it’s hard to believe that Verizon or Motorola have not yet acknowledged it’s existence. However Greg from North Carolina says that his local Best Buy has some of those leaked dummy units on shelves, along with some price tags.

Looks like the phone will launch at $199 with carrier subsidy and $599 without a plan. There’s still no solid confirmation of that August 12 release date, but we all know the score anyway.


DROID 2 User Guide leaks

Posted in Motorola by Conner Flynn on July 29th, 2010

We know that you want to read up on the Droid 2 before it hits stores some time in August. Lucky for you the user guide has leaked and it gives away a few key details as to what you can expect from this new Droid family member.

As Droid Life notes, there’s more confirmation that the phone will be running the same skin as the Droid X, with the Swype-enabled (and multitouch-enabled?) soft keyboard. Looks like Android 2.2 will come preloaded too.

DROID 2 running Android 2.2

Posted in Motorola by Conner Flynn on July 20th, 2010

While we wait for Verizon to officially confirm the Motorola Droid 2, we have more news. It is expected to arrive in August, we know that. And what version of Android is it running? MotoBlur? So many questions. Here’s the lowdown from someone who managed some hands on time.

The Droid 2 will be running Android 2.2 FroYo, and the screenshot above confirms it. Looks like it is more responsive than the original Droid as well. Maybe because of the 1GHz processor, Android 2.2, or both. And yes, the Droid 2 has the same MotoBlur skin as the Droid X, with the same notification bar. The source was very happy with it all in all.

Motorola Droid 2 packaging leaked

Posted in Motorola by Conner Flynn on July 20th, 2010

There have been some previous renders of the Motorola Droid 2 around the internet, but maybe that didn’t convince you that the phone is real and on its way. This ought to do the trick.

Here’s a pic of the Droid 2’s packaging being printed in the plant. If the rumors can be believed, the device has an August 23rd release. So, do you go for the Droid X? Or wait for the Droid 2? Tough call. Which are you guys going for?