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New York to offer RFID-embedded driver’s licenses

Posted in News by Conner Flynn on September 16th, 2008

New York to offer RFID-embedded driver’s licensesThe State of New York has now begun offering driver’s licenses embedded with RFID chips, which they are calling enhanced driver’s licenses (EDLs). This comes just after New York became the second state in the country to offer RFID embedded identification that can be shown at the border in place of a U.S. passport. The chip in the new licenses will have the ability to be scanned by authorities in order to identify citizens entering the state from Canada, Mexico, or the Caribbean. International travelers still need to produce an old fashioned passport to enter the country.

Since New York knows that many people do not trust RFID technology, you can still get the old RFID-lite version which does not act as a passport. According to authorities, no personal information will be stored or transmitted by the chip, only an identification number. Should you be interested, the new licenses will cost you an extra $30 over the $50 licensing fee. Hopefully they’re working on technology that makes you not look like a dork on your DL picture.