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Doctor Who Nintendo DS Case with Sonic Screwdriver Stylus

Posted in Nintendo DS by Conner Flynn on October 5th, 2010

Do you love Doctor Who, but lack a sonic screwdriver? Well if you have a Nintendo DS, you can now use a Sonic Screwdriver as a stylus. It compliments the Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver Wiimote quite nicely.

This one is for your DS. It will make you look like the Doctor trying to pry open the Pandoricon with two thousand Daleks on your tail as you tap tap away. These are only available in the UK right now, but maybe they will hit the US soon.

Stethoscope headphones

Posted in Concepts by Conner Flynn on May 26th, 2010

I’m not a doctor and I don’t play one on TV, but these headphone stethoscopes could make me a hit with the ladies. You know how they’re always on the lookout for doctors.

These are from creative agency Antrepo Design, but sadly they are not actual products. Not yet. Hopefully we’ll be able to buy these someday soon though. Take a deep breath. Again. What is it Doc? I’m not sure, but this Pink Floyd song is rocking.

USB Surgeon flash drive

Posted in USB by Conner Flynn on December 14th, 2009

USB Surgeon flash driveMedical enthusiasts will dig this flash drive because it is in the form of a tiny USB surgeon. On the other hand if you hate surgeons, you also will love this. Because you can decapitate him.

After a little pretend surgery, you can attach the head once again and hope the little guy has health insurance. If you buy a few of these guys, you’ll be re-enacting scenes from MASH and Grey’s Anatomy in no time. It’s a drive and an action figure.

Doctor has cloned dead humans

Posted in News by Conner Flynn on April 22nd, 2009

Doctor has cloned dead humansSee that picture above? That’s Cady. She died at age 10 in a car accident. A mad scientist by the name of Dr. Panayiotis Zavos infused her DNA into a cow’s egg to study human cloning.

Dr Zavos (Isn’t that a creepy mad scientist name?) assures the public that the human/cow hybrid model is for study only, not for world domination or anything. He says that he would never implant anything but human to human tissue, even though Cady’s mother would allow it. But a documentary filmmaker who witnessed his work says that Zavos has implanted 11 other cloned 100% human embryos into four women who are prepared to give birth to the first human clone. The procedure is a criminal offense in Britain and illegal in many other countries.

Doctor Who R/C Dalek exterminates with extreme shine

Posted in Robots by Conner Flynn on August 7th, 2008

Doctor Who R/C Dalek exterminates with extreme shine
Check out this limited edition RC Dalek all polished and buffed to blind it’s enemies and make the Doctor stop and check his hair in it’s reflection. This particular Dalek is based on the “Daleks – Invasion Earth 2150 AD” movie. It’s 12-inches tall, radio-controlled and features a pullback motor with realistic Dalek action. I assume that means it yells “exterminate” and generally tries to kill anything different then itself. Also has a built-in speaker that plays you quotes from the movie.

This my friends is shiny Dalek bling for eager geek hands. And since it’s very special and ultra shiny, only 1,000 are made. Should be available in August 2008, and can be pre-ordered for $99.99.