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DLO ships HomeDock HD Pro upscaling iPod dock

Posted in Home Theater by Conner Flynn on November 24th, 2008

DLO ships HomeDock HD Pro upscaling iPod dockMy god, it’s full of stars ports! It also makes for one fancy-ass iPod dock. The HomeDock HD Pro was unveiled at CEDIA earlier this year and it has now made its way off the production line and began shipping. This upscaling iPod dock takes your stored media and sends it out via HDMI in 720p / 1080i. It even has an RS-232 control port. It remains to be seen if this dock can really make HD video out of your iPod movies, but at $399 it had better.

DLO TuneStik iPod Remote/FM Transmitter

Posted in FM Transmitters,iPod Accessories,Remotes by Chetz on August 17th, 2007

DLO TuneStick wireless iPod remote and FM transmitterThe DLO TuneStik provides the combination of an FM transmitter and a wireless remote control for your iPod into one package. The remote control uses RF and works from up to 40ft away providing control of your iPod and up to 4 preset FM transmission signals. It also comes with a cradle for your steering wheel so you can control your iPod playing through your car FM stereo without taking your hands off the wheel.