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Daily Deal: 4th Gen iPod Nano 8GB (Silver)

Posted in Dillyeo Daily Deal by dillyeo on December 18th, 2008

4th Gen 8GB iPod Nano
Who doesn’t love iPod? Okay, before we get into an all-out brawl, let’s say that question was rhetorical. But whether you love or hate Apple’s ubiquitous MP3 player, you can’t deny that it’s everywhere these days. With the new 4th Gen iPod Nano, things get even more exciting. The new design allows for a larger viewing screen for movies, photos, and Coverflow, without the wideness of the previous generation. Apple also switches up their usual pricing standards with this generation, offering a 8GB model in all colors for $150, and a 16GB model at their usual price of $200.

The new Genius feature claims to find songs in your library that go together, and groups them for you, taking all the work out of creating playlists. Of course, the shuffle feature may undo all of that work. When shaken, the iPod switches to shuffle mode… so let’s hope you don’t move too much when you jog, or your exercise playlist may suddenly switch to slow jams. Luckily, this feature is one that can be disabled if you’re not interested in using it.

Dillyeo Daily Deal

Daily Deal: iMicro IMC109 USB Webcam

Posted in Dillyeo Daily Deal by dillyeo on December 11th, 2008

Does your webcam footage look less like you, and more like a collection of face-colored pixels? Do you need to turn on every light in the house at noon for it to even begin to work? Maybe you don’t even have a webcam. (Gasp! Shock! Horror!) Webcams have gotten a lot better in the last couple of years, but the newer ones can be pretty pricey.

Take, for example, Logitech’s latest camera, the QuickCam® Vision Pro. For $129.99, you get a camera with some amazing specs. Autofocus, 30 FPS, a 2 megapixel sensor, and high quality 720p images up to 1600 x 1200 pixels. That’s a nice webcam, right? Though, for $129.99, it may be out of most people’s price range. Luckily, Dillyeo can help you out.

Dillyeo Daily Deal

Daily Deal: iRobot Roomba 4130 Vacuum

Posted in Dillyeo Daily Deal by dillyeo on December 5th, 2008

iRobot Roomba Self-Operating Vacuum
Call me out of the loop, but I hadn’t heard of this robot vacuum until very recently. When the iRobot Roomba was introduced to me, I responded in two ways.

The first was my recollection of being forced awake as a child on every Saturday morning by the shrill, jarring, unstoppable wail of my mother’s vacuum cleaner. Always in those days I longed for a quieter messiah of a vacuum to arrive and deliver me to better times. It never happened.

Dillyeo Daily Deal

Daily Deal: Digital Photo Keychain

Posted in Digital Photo Frames,Dillyeo Daily Deal by dillyeo on December 3rd, 2008

GPX Digital Photo Keychain
Digital picture frames are one of the hottest new tech trends this holiday season. After all, why use an old school picture frame that only shows on picture at a time, when you can display an entire slide show, and let your frame double as a photo album? One aspect of digital picture frames that cannot be ignored is the latest hit, digital picture frame keychains, for displaying photos on the go.

If your find yourself shopping for a shutterbug, new mom or dad, or grandparent this season, you probably already know how much they love to show off their latest pictures. And what easier way to do so than with a small keychain that can hold almost 200 photos?

Dillyeo Daily Deal

Daily Deal: USB Pen makes gift-giving simple

Posted in Dillyeo Daily Deal by dillyeo on December 1st, 2008

Super Talent GP 2GB 2-in-1 USB2.0 Flash Drive
Ever have trouble trying to figure out what to buy someone for Christmas? Maybe you don’t know the person you’re shopping for very well, or maybe they seem to already have everything. Maybe you’re just stuck in a gift-giving rut, and have been buying Dad the same golf-themed trinkets every year since you were eight.

For those who are difficult to shop for, the Holiday Season is a whirlwind of fancy ink pens, back massagers, gift cards, and gag gifts. Why not break that routine (slightly) and give them not just a pen, but a USB flash drive as well?