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The Pin Clock

Posted in Clocks,Home by Darrin Olson on November 21st, 2006

Pin ClockThis is a pretty novel idea for a “digital” clock. The Pin Clock looks a lot like that pin game you may have played with as a kid, where you can put the pins on your face and they take it’s shape.

In this case, the pins are pushed out or pulled in to take the shape of the numbers to represent the current time. As the minutes change, the pins make sounds as the move in and out like the old sound of time changes on the board at the train station. The web site states that you can “hear a pin clock”.

We saw this item at Uncommon Goods, and at the time of this post they are saying that pin clock is not only unavailable, but they are discontinuing them, so you may have to look around or check eBay for this time …