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Segway company owner dies, drives Segway off a cliff

Posted in News by Conner Flynn on September 27th, 2010

The current owner of Segway died yesterday after he rode off a cliff and into a river in England. They found Jimi Heselden’s body yesterday at 11.40am yesterday by the River Wharfe in North Yorkshire, with his X2 Adventure with him.

Jimi was 62. Police think it was just a weird accident. The man was worth $262m though. And Segways don’t go so fast that he wouldn’t see the cliff coming. Well, however it happened, it’s a sad turn of events.

Apple will replace iPad with new one for $99 if your battery dies

Posted in iPad by Conner Flynn on March 14th, 2010

With all of the hype surrounding the iPad in the past couple of days, here’s something you might have missed. A page on Apple’s Web site dealing with Battery Replacement. According to the FAQs if your iPad dies “due to the battery’s diminished ability to hold an electrical charge,” Apple will replace it for you for a fee. $99 plus shipping, which comes out to $105.95 per unit.

That’s right. For a $99 service fee, they’ll send you a replacement iPad. Of course it won’t have your data, but if you sync it with your computer you already have it all. It’s a surprisingly generous solution from Apple.