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iPod nano 5G, Next-Gen iPhone design changes revealed?

Posted in iPod by Conner Flynn on May 26th, 2009

iPod nano 5G, Next-Gen iPhone design changes revealed?Above is a possible snapshot of what the iPod nano 5G will look like, featuring a widened 1.5:1 aspect ratio while still keeping the Click Wheel from prior nano model, which sadly means no touchscreen controls here. A digital camera has also been included in back, although the placement might have your hands blocking it.

It will debut at the same time as the new iPod touch, which is sometime between July and September. Apparently, the next-generation iPhone will come in six versions: two storage capacities each for 3G, enhanced 3G (“3.5G/3.75G”), and China versions of the phone, which will have the same size and general design of the current model, but with a less scratchable matte plastic body.