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The Retriever makes you the Repo-man

Posted in Automotive by Conner Flynn on October 14th, 2008

The Retriever makes you the Repo-manIf you’ve ever wanted to run your very own one man repo service, but with a motorcycle instead of a standard tow-truck, then the Retriever is for you. It’s from Swedish company Coming Through. It’s basically a heavily modified Honda Goldwing 1800cc motorcycle that sports a hideaway car-towing rig on the back.

It’s designed specifically to get into those hard to reach breakdowns in traffic and will also let you swoon in on a deadbeats car real quick and get out before there’s any trouble. The car trailer features a 3 wheel design that somehow isolates the bike from the weight of the car, thus allowing the bike to corner naturally. The trailer even has its own brakes and is hydraulic powered. Just fit it around the car and then raise to secure it. That should open up some healthy competition in the field of towing.