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Sony MDR-RF4000K Digital Cordless Headphones

Posted in Headphones by Conner Flynn on March 16th, 2010

Sony has released the very sexy looking MDR-RF4000K digital cordless headphones, which are designed to blend in perfectly in your living room, thanks to the new storage and charging dock that keeps it all wire-free. The headphones feature a 40mm long-stroke diaphragm to produce crystal clear sound quality.

The wireless headphones also come with a NiMH battery that will delievr up to 7 hours of listening time. You can also use a single AAA Alkaline battery which will increase the usage by up to ten hours. We love the design and they would look right at home with all of our other gear.

Sharp JD-7C1CL/CW cordless phone and digiframe

Posted in Sharp by Conner Flynn on August 19th, 2009

Sharp JD-7C1CL/CW cordless phone and digiframeLandlines may be facing extinction, but that doesn’t mean that Sharp can’t still offer one up, along with a digiframe to entice you. Sharp’s JD-7C1CL/CW cordless phone comes with a 7″ touchscreen LCD display. The display can be used to access basic phone functions including voice mail.

It will also display a clock, calendar, phonebook with images and even your own digital photos. It sports 800 x 600 resolution with 128MB of internal memory. No email support. Available in black and white.

Waring Pro Cordless Wine Opener

Posted in Kitchen by Conner Flynn on August 9th, 2009

Waring Pro Cordless Wine OpenerDrinking wine depends on wine openers. How are you going to drink your sweet booze if you forget the wine opener? Well if you own the Waring Pro Cordless Wine Opener, it’s all good. This gizmo costs $45 and fetures a rubberized body with brushed stainless accents. Plus, it’s powered by a rechargeable NiMH battery pack, so it doesn’t need to be confined to just the kitchen.

You also get a rechargeable base unit, with removable foil cutter. It has you covered no matter how pickled your liver is, as it will open 80 natural corks on a single charge. If that isn’t enough then you are too drunk to care anyway.

Alessi Cordless DECT phone with 65,000 color OLED display

Posted in Telephones by Conner Flynn on May 18th, 2009

Alessi Cordless DECT phone with 65,000 color OLED displayThe DECT phone, designed by Italian Stefano Giovannoni, combines some very nice design with advanced functions. The phone features a 65,000 color OLED display, as well as preloaded backgrounds and ringtones.

Though it may look and sound like just a concept, the DECT phone is real. You can actually buy it. The phone also has a large directory for storing contacts and a high quality speaker. It’s priced pretty reasonably at $175.

Motorola intros D10 and D11 digital cordless phones

Posted in Telephones by Conner Flynn on November 30th, 2008

Motorola intros D10 and D11 digital cordless phonesMotorola has some new digital cordless phones, the D10 and D11. Both feature an innovative design that we haven’t really seen before. If the picture above is any indication it can turn the steam from your coffee into a weird hovering alien creature.

The D10 and D11 handsets are intelligent enough that they can adjust automatically to optimize output depending on how far they are from the base unit. In the intelligent ‘eco mode’, you can save on battery power and get longer talk time without sacrificing voice quality. The phone is eco-conscious because 20% of it is made from recycled material, which will help reduce your carbon footprint, which currently looks like Bigfoot on steroids.