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iGrill pairs meat with the iPhone

Posted in iPhone Accessories by Conner Flynn on December 15th, 2010

The iGrill is a Bluetooth-enabled meat thermometer that allows you to multitask between preparing the perfect dinner and mingling with your guests, while ensuring your food is cooked to the perfect temperature. The iGrill communicates with your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch via a secure, long-range Bluetooth connection, displays the temperature and transmits it to your iOS device for remote monitoring.

Cooking meat with your phone? It doesn’t get much better than this my grill loving friends. Meat+Technology always equals a win.

iPad in a kitchen cabinet

Posted in DIY by Conner Flynn on May 4th, 2010

The iPad is a pretty versatile piece of tech. It’s also very portable. That is, if you don’t put it in your kitchen cabinet. Then portability goes out the window. Still, the iPad as the centerpiece of your kitchen makes sense. TUAW reader Alan Daly built his directly into the side of a kitchen cabinet, and we can only imagine all of the recipes he’s cooking up.

His screen displays a virtual aquarium when not in use, and don’t worry, it’s above the point of food splattering all over it. Basically, you just cut a hole and add a pair of wooden strips for support. We aren’t sure how he keeps it charged.

Qooq recipe and cooking tablet PC

Posted in Kitchen Gadgets by Conner Flynn on October 29th, 2009

Qooq recipe and cooking tablet PCCooking tablets and recipe readers are usually very blah, but this one looks like it might actually be great for cooks. The Qooq is a 10.2-inch kitchen helper that features the usual recipes, along with meal prep videos, instructions and even advice on choosing the right ingredients, shopping lists, meal planners and more.

All of that info can be updated monthly with a subscription. It sports a touchscreen, Ethernet and USB ports, SD slot, WiFi, and a built-in stand. There’s no browser, but it does have built-in weather, digital photo viewing, and internet radio apps, which is cool.

Media Chef digital cookbook

Posted in Kitchen Gadgets by Conner Flynn on October 4th, 2009

Media Chef digital cookbookRemember how mom always had those hand written recipes on 3×5 cards? Well those days are gone. Now mom watches all of those fancy cooking shows on the food network. So it makes sense that Belling’s new Media Chef digital cookbook actually contains 48 cooking instructional videos from chef Brian Turner on its 8-inch screen.

You get an included remote control and the device can also function as a general media player, calendar and photo frame. It will retail for about £170 ($271 US). We don’t know when it will be available though.

Electrolux’s Laser Oven concept cooks food fast

Posted in Concepts by Conner Flynn on June 8th, 2009

Electrolux’s Laser Oven concept cooks food fastThe Laser Oven concept by Electrolux may be the future of cooking. It will cook your food in no time at all by using three laser beams that pew pew pew your dinner. The Electrolux Laser Oven has a sleek, compact design that makes it look futuristic too.

A single laser can’t cook anything, but crossing the lasers can cook the food easily. In Ghostbusters crossing the streams are bad, here it’s a good thing. It will allow you to choose the desired texture of your food, and even scans it before cooking. Forget timers and thermometers, the Laser Oven stops cooking when the food has reached the texture that you want.

Digital Thermometer Pan makes for perfect pancakes

Posted in Kitchen by Conner Flynn on November 2nd, 2008

Digital Thermometer Pan makes for perfect pancakesMaking Pancakes is trickier then it seems. If your temperature is too low you’ve got a long wait for that perfect pancake. If the temp is too high, you’re gonna burn them. It’s part instinct and part science. But it helps to have a pan that will tell you the precise temperature. After all, once the guesswork is taken out of the equation, all that’s left to do is make some perfect pancakes and eat.

Getting the temperature just right is the true secret of cooking. This Digital Thermometer Pan shows you the exact temp of the middle of the pan, displayed on a removable readout in the handle. It will cost you $50. Completely worth it for that perfect breakfast. The pan is 7.8 inches in diameter, and we’re hoping it shows up in a wide array of sizes.