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Cassette Mate Cassette Tape to MP3 Converter

Posted in MP3 by Conner Flynn on April 5th, 2011

If you are old enough to remember listening to music on cassette tapes, then chances are you still have a lot of cassettes laying around. Why not listen to some of that old music again and convert those tapes to MP3s. Thanko’s cassette tape to MP3 converter, called Cassette Mate will help.

The Cassette Mate connects to your computer through a USB port and the software lets users save the music and recordings as MP3 files. It will even identify the breaks between songs and saves them as separate tracks.

Planex MZK-SNG02US USB and SD card Ethernet converter

Posted in USB by Conner Flynn on December 21st, 2010

Chances are that you own several SD memory cards as well as USB flash drives. If you carry important data on either and want to share your USB device or SD memory card over the network, Planex has a new solution. The new MZK-SNG02US.

It is iTunes and DLNA compatible and will allow you to access the content stored on any SD memory card or USB hard drive to any DLNA-compatible device, whether that’s your computer, smartphone or game console. The device features a Gigabit Ethernet port and FTP support.

Blest H Plastic to Oil Converter

Posted in Home by Conner Flynn on September 5th, 2010

Ever have the urge to turn some of those annoying plastic bags back into oil? Well, now you can do just that at home thanks to the Blest H, a desktop machine which can convert plastic back into oil. The company doesn’t say exactly how this is done, but it looks neat.

They make industrial sized machines as well, but this one is for home. The machine currently costs around $9,500.00 to buy, but they’re hoping prices will fall over time. Hey, if you make enough oil, maybe you can sell it and be your own BP.

Pandigital Personal Photo Scanner/Converter

Posted in Scanners by Conner Flynn on July 12th, 2010

Pandigital has a new Personal Photo Scanner/Converter, which will scan a photo wherever you are and can convert it to a different resolution. Documents up to 8.5″ x 11″ in size can be fed through it and you can send them straight onto a SD memory card or Memory Stick at 600dpi resolution.

It would be pretty handy to archive a bunch of old photos and documents. The device will cost you $149.99. No word on whether it comes with a built-in battery or not, or will only be powered using USB.

Wii2HDMI converts your Wii’s output to HDMI

Posted in Wii by Conner Flynn on May 25th, 2010

It stinks that the Wii is only 480p. What can you do? Well, it turns out that now you can buy this converter, which promises to solve the problem. Wii2HDMI converts your Wii’s output to HDMI. The Wii2HDMI is compact and won’t clutter up your gaming area.

It’s only $39.95. There’s a slight problem though. The Wii itself is only capable of a max output of 480p. You could just as easily use a component cable. This does work with a DVI monitor though.

Novak Cassette to Digital Converter

Posted in music by Conner Flynn on March 31st, 2010

Look if you haven’t given up on cassette tapes by now, you probably never will. But if you ever want to let that old cassette player rest in peace, then the Novak Cassette to Digital Converter is what you need to transfer your old cassettes into digital formats.

The device couldn’t be easier to use. Just insert a cassette tape, hit “record,” and you’re off. You now have digital music in either MP3, WAV, or WMA files. The Novak Cassette To Digital Converter also has a USB port and a built-in speaker.

Princeton PUC-AVBOX

Posted in Set Top Boxes by Conner Flynn on August 1st, 2009

Princeton PUC-AVBOXPrinceton has announced its PUC-AVBOX, an upscan converter that lets you playback enhanced video from your DVD player or VHS recorder onto your LCD monitor. The PUC-AVBOX features VGA, component, composite, S-Video, Audio RCA (L/R) and stereo mini jack (3.5mm) as well as support for D-Sub output and Picture-in-Picture.

DVDs and VHS are so last decade, why not improve the quality? The device supports the following output resolutions and aspect ratios: XGA 1,024 × 768 (4:3), SXGA 1,280 × 1,024 (16:10), WXGA 1,440 × 900 (5:4), WSXGA 1,680 × 1,050 (16:10), Full HD 1,920 × 1,080 (16:9), WUXGA 1,920 × 1,200 (16:10).


Radio Shack says rescan converter box after transition

Posted in Home Theater by Shane McGlaun on June 10th, 2009

radioshackdtx9550-sbI am getting tired of hearing about the digital transition. I thought we should have just switched in February as we had planned for over a year to digital broadcasts. So many people weren’t ready for the transition that it was delayed until June 12.

While more people are ready now according to some reports, there are still millions of people that have not prepared. Even Obama says there will be no more delays this time around. Those of you who are ready with your converters already may still have problems come June 12.

Gefen Unveils 5.1 Surround-to-Stereo Signal Converter

Posted in Gefen by Conner Flynn on June 9th, 2009

Gefen Unveils 5.1 Surround-to-Stereo Signal ConverterGefen, the company known for their signal switchers and converters, has announced the GefenTV Digital Audio Decoder, which remixes 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround audio for stereo (L/R) outputs. What this means is that the unit lets any movie or television program broadcasting in 5.1 Dolby digital audio to be decoded, and output on a pair of analog speakers.

This will give two-channel stereo systems the ability to convey some of the same surround sound information as a proper 5.1 system, but without the artificialness that usually accompanies such enhancement.

Rebel converter for the PS3

Posted in PS3 by Conner Flynn on May 28th, 2009

Rebel converter for the PS3For some time, Playstation owners with IR-based universal remotes have had to use bulky IR-to-Bluetooth converters so that the pair can communicate. Then along came Logictech’s Harmony, allowing, making thing easier on PS3 owners. But now Logitech isn’t the only one getting in on the act.

You now have another option in the Rebel from wb_electronics. It pretty much does what the Harmony does, transforming IR signals from your universal remote into bluetooth signals for controlling PS3 function and making the Playstation3 an integrated part of your home entertainment system.

Castrade Game Box Converter upscales consoles to any monitor

Posted in Games by Conner Flynn on May 22nd, 2009

Castrade Game Box Converter upscales consoles to any monitorConnecting your console to your LCD monitor can be a pain with expensive adapters and such, but Castrade’s Game Box makes the process easy. The device accepts video input from your Wii, PS3, or pretty much anything else that uses a common video cable, and properly scales it to an LCD-friendly resolution.

It prevents your console from reverting to a low-quality video mode just because your monitor doesn’t support the specific 1080i or 720p video setting it expects. It also accepts audio inputs from a few proprietary console connectors and sends them out through a 3.5mm jack.


TapeWriter turns cassette tapes into digital MP3

Posted in MP3 by Conner Flynn on April 5th, 2009

TapeWriter turns cassette tapes into digital MP3Much like the Ion Dual, the TapeWriter is a cassette transfer system that converts your old cassette tapes to digital MP3 format on your computer. Just plug it into your USB port, put a tape in and press play. That’s it.

It comes with an integral speaker so you can listen while you are transferring. It will cost you $119.95. But hey, it’s worth it to hear your old music again. Once you get them all transferred, you can toss all those old tapes for good.

Ion VCR2PC VHS to digital video converter

Posted in Digital Imaging by Conner Flynn on May 11th, 2008

Ion VCR2PC VHS to digital video converter
Do you have boxes of old VHS tapes taking up space in a dark corner somewhere? They probably contain all sorts of precious moments, so you don’t want to throw them out. Now you can turn VHS tapes into formats readable by today’s digital media players thanks to the ION.

The Ion VCR2PC video player can hook up to your computer via it’s USB port. Just pick a VHS tape, put it in the player and hook up the player to your computer. When the tape finishes playing, you’ll have it in digital format. Of course, you can also use the player as a fully functional, cable-ready VHS player. It will cost you $250, and will keep your memories safe.