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Morning Countdown Clock is your new arch-enemy

Posted in Clocks by Conner Flynn on July 29th, 2009

Morning Countdown Clock is your new arch-enemyClocks have always been our enemy. Clocks are the goons of that evil entity we call time. They do all of the dirty work and urge us onward throughout the day, whipping us into submission without even touching us. Now imagine a clock that takes it’s job to the next level, nagging you every few minutes and giving you updates on its countdown timer.

Yes. Pure unadulterated evil. So stay away from the Morning Countdown Clock if you want to have an actual ‘good’ morning. However if you like punishment, the Morning Countdown Clock is just $33.

Tokyoflash unveils new desktop clocks

Posted in Clocks by Conner Flynn on April 5th, 2009

Tokyoflash unveils new desktop clocksTokyoflash, known for its retro and futuristic watches, has its sights on making your desktop look more like a UFO. They have nine clock designs, all pretty wild in their own way, and they need your help. You can help decide which one should become an actual clock.

One looks like a boomerang, another resembles a cool lamp shade. The one above looks like something from Star Trek The Next Generation. How about a UFO? They’re all pretty wild and wacky. And as usual some seem indecipherable at first.

Home appliance alarm clocks

Posted in Clocks by Conner Flynn on April 16th, 2008

Home appliance alarm clocks
Sure, you can give your Mom this Home Appliance alarm clock for Mother’s Day…If you want to get smacked into next Wednesday. Listen son, your mom works hard every day. She’s got to clean up after your sorry butt, not to mention the rest of the family. Do you really think she wants to see yet another appliance that will remind her of all the work she still has to do?

Then again, if you really don’t care and she’s hard to shop for, go ahead and take the chance. The clock comes in a fridge, stove, iron, blender and washing machine. They’re priced at around $20 each. The washing machine shakes and shows a sudsy animation when it’s time to wake up. Oh, she’ll love that.

The Pole Dancer alarm clock will not accept money

Posted in Clocks by Conner Flynn on April 2nd, 2008

The Pole Dancer alarm clock
This Pole Dancer alarm clock will cost you some zzz’s in the morning, but it won’t cost you dollar bills. Experience a steamy show as soon as you open your eyes. You can pre-order it for £19.99 today, and on May 8 they will ship to single lonely men across the world.

She basically spins round and round with the typical cheesy stripper music playing in the background, so you’ll wake up. I would think that it might make you dream you were at a strip club, only to wake up to your disappointing alarm clock. That’s bound to wake you up pissed off and ready for your day… A day that includes tons of work and no strippers whatsoever…

Memorex iWakes you up with your iPod

Posted in Clocks by Shane McGlaun on March 24th, 2008

Memorex iWake Alarm ClockIf you aren’t a morning person and need a bit of a boost to get you out of the bed Memorex has a new device that might help you wake up. The Memorex iWake clock Radio for the iPod was announced today and the radio is available in three bright colors—red, blue, and purple.

The device has a built-in iPod dock and can wake you to music from your iPod or wake you to the AM/FM radio built-in. The iPod dock can charge and power all iPod models. If the bright colors don’t float your boat, you can get the iWake in black or white as well.

Seeing Double Clock uses colors to show times

Posted in Clocks by Reuben Drake on March 2nd, 2008

Seeing Double Clock has hours and minutes in the same place, identified by colorsThis clock uses some small colored transparent windows to cancel out certain colors and show others through in order to display the time. Because of this the Seeing Double Clock is then able to display the minutes and hours in the same spot, which are only shown by the appropriate hand passing over them.

It’s kind of works the same as the old-style 3D glasses, except instead of you wearing them the hands of the clock do. If you’ve never learned to read a dial clock but want to make it look like you kinda’ can, then this is your answer. The Seeing Double Clock measures 16-inches in diameter and goes for about $50.

CES 2008

JVC dual iPod dock, clock radio

Posted in CES 2008,Clocks,Dock,iPod Accessories,JVC by Darrin Olson on January 8th, 2008

JVC NX-PN7 dual ipod dockWith so many iPod accessories on the market today it’s tough to make one stand out from the others, especially with clock radio docks. JVC is making an attempt to stand out this year and unveiling this clock radio at the Consumer Electronics Show which that docks not just one but two iPods, making it twice as good, right?

The JVC NX-PN7 dock features a clock and timer and we’re making an assumption that it has an alarm that will play music from the iPod, but JVC did not mention that specifically. It would also be nice if this clock radio was a dual alarm that would play a different iPod with the different alarm, but unfortunately there was no mention of that either.


Mr. Clock Radio likes you naked

Posted in Clocks by Nino Marchetti on December 13th, 2007

mr-clock-radio.jpgWhat’s more annoying than an alarm clock? How about an alarm clock with a robot head on it? That’s right – for around $80 you can introduce Mr. Clock Radio into your life.

This creepy looking clock radio has a robotic head set atop it like some kind of statue. You can wake up to some 30 different ways, ranging from a gentle voice to a screaming maniac beside your bed. You can also get it to tell you your fortune, wink as you undress and more! It will apparently even play music from your iPod.

Robot watch transforms into a desk clock

Posted in Clocks,Robots,Watches by Conner Flynn on November 9th, 2007

Robot watch transforms into a desk clock

This great looking and versatile robot watch serves a double duty as both a watch and a desk clock. Just remove him from the wristband and stand him up. That’s not all he does. It can also be used as a keychain time piece and even a necklace pendant. That’s alot of uses for one little robot. The arms are fully posable as well as his headgear. I think the best part about him is that he looks cool with the clock on his chest.

How much would you pay for this much coolness in one robot? You can get it for a surprising $40. Comes in Silver and Gold tone as well as a pewter color. All look equally nice.

Time Bomb alarm clock

Posted in Clocks by Chetz on October 26th, 2007

Bomba Alarm Clock How’s this for a bedside alarm clock? The Bomba Alarm Clock is a timepiece that is meant to give one the impression that something is about to go boom, and in that regards we think that it succeeds. Designed by Wil van den Bos the clock measures 4″ x 8″ x 5″ and has a network of moving gears that will keep your eyes fixated on it. At nighttime the clock gives off a blue illumination that can be dimmed, intensified or switched off if you don’t want to keep yourself weirded out all night long. Put a couple of radiological symbols on it and voila, it looks like one of those atomic bombs from the movies…minus the big numbers of course. Price: $70.

Wake Up to Mario Kart

Posted in Clocks by Darrin Olson on September 11th, 2007

Nintendo Mario Kart Alarm ClockWhat true Nintendo fan’s room would be complete without a Mario Kart clock radio at their bedside
? This little rendition of Mario racing is his go-cart is an actual working alarm clock with an LED display across the front.

It comes complete with an AM/FM radio which allows you to wake up to the radio or a buzzer, and of course Mario’s smiling face, each day.

Unfortunately this item is currently sold out, but the novelty site selling the clock radio states that its looking for more sources, so if you find one somewhere let us (and them) know.

Nintendo Mario Kart Clock radio via NerdApproved


GrooveToons iPod Nano alarm clock

Posted in Clocks,iPod Accessories by Darrin Olson on August 20th, 2007

Groovetoons alarm clock and speaker for your iPod Nano from CygnettThe Groovetoons alarm clock brings a light-hearted cartoon-ish look to a traditional style alarm clock while at the same time providing a modern dock matching your iPod Nano.

The alarm clock comes in 5 colors that match the color of the 2nd generation Nano (green, pink, blue, black and silver) and automatically provides an interface on the iPod for viewing the clock and setting the alarm when docked. The interface is even viewable at night with the Nano’s backlit display.

It comes complete with a snooze button built into the clock and allows you to wake up to your favorite songs that are stored on your iPod. The device will also charge your iPod when docked and the speakers can be used to play your music at any time of the day.

The GrooveToons iPod alarm clock retails for just …

Hard Drive Desk Clock

Posted in Clocks,Hard Drives by Reuben Drake on June 9th, 2007

Hard drive desk clock is a hard disk drive converted into a working clockMaking good use of bricked drives, Etsy has desk clocks created from real computer hard drives that are obsolete. They combined a real working Quartz clock and made a desk clock for the uber-geek. Remove the base and you can even hang it on the wall.

via TechEBlog

Earlarm Ear Alarm Clock

Posted in Clocks by Reuben Drake on June 7th, 2007

EarAlarm ear alarm clockThis Earlarm is a pretty cool idea. It’s a tiny alarm clock that clips onto your ear and get be set to provide a personal notification at the pre-set time.

The functionality is nothing special. You set the time you want it to go off and it does, but the design allows it to be discrete and out of the way. The alarm is directly in your ear so no one else hears it and can be used for times when you need to be reminded of things but might not be wearing a watch or are near an alarm, such as traveling on mass transit or studying at the library.

Having this device wake you up in the morning without waking up others, like in a dorm room, would be another cool application although the Earlarm looks like it may be a little difficult to …

Hello Kitty iPod Dock / Clock Radio

Posted in Accessories,Clocks,Hello Kitty by Chetz on December 29th, 2006

Hello Kitty iPod Docking Station Clock RadioThere are continuously fewer popular gadgets that don’t have some type of accessory related to Hello Kitty, and this Hello Kitty Clock Radio / Docking Station for the Apple iPod comes as no surprise.

This clock radio has some of the normal functionality you would expect, with an alarm that will play the radio or your iPod, and a 5 minute snooze button. Also, of course it bears the familiar pink colors and design of Hello Kitty products.

There are a couple things that could make this particular clock radio a little more worth looking into for some, though. It does dock, charge and play your iPod Mini or nano through the stereo speakers, but it also has a video out jack. This allows iPods that have video or pictures to display them on a TV set, which was something a little …