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The iPod Classic will not be discontinued after all

Posted in iPod by Conner Flynn on March 23rd, 2011

It had been thought that the iPod Classic would be discontinued. It was introduced nearly ten years ago after all. Last September Apple introduced new iPod models for every line except the iPod classic, so people just assumed it was going to be ditched. The iPod classic is still available, but has not been updated since September of 2009, again fueling speculation.

Well, when you want answers it is best to go straight to the source. So someone emailed Apple CEO Steve Jobs back in September after the device failed to receive an update. Steve responded, telling them that the company has “no plans” to discontinue the iPod classic. You can all rest easy now.

iPod classic stock dwindling

Posted in iPod by Conner Flynn on February 8th, 2011

The iPod classic’s popularity has been on the decline for some time. After all, wouldn’t you rather have an iPod Touch? Well, it’s popularity continues to decline daily more and more as reflected by its stock at several retailers.

On Apple’s online store, the silver iPod Classic will ship in one to three days, compared to 24 hours just last week. Best Buy’s website notes that the same color has gone from one-day shipping last week to being backordered by one to to two weeks. That says a lot. It says that very soon the device will be left alone to completely rest in peace. Obviously the iPod classic line will be phased out very soon. It’s sad really.

The Millennium Table with 60 Classic Arcade Games

Posted in Furniture by Conner Flynn on January 17th, 2011

This tabletop arcade machine comes from Europe and was designed to be a coffee table/ arcade system. That’s what makes it a millennium table I guess. We need games in our tables in this millennium, otherwise it’s just a “so last century” table.

The arcade system holds 60 classic games including Space Invaders, Pac-Man, Asteroids etc. It features a 19″ LCD, fire buttons and a joy stick on both sides of the table for two player games. The Millennium Table retails for £1900.00 (or about $3010).

Classic White DualShock 3 appears

Posted in PS3 by Conner Flynn on September 6th, 2010

The heavenly white PS3 Slim pictured above can be found in Japan, but the “Classic White” DualShock 3 beside it has just appeared for preorder at e-tailers in the US. We doubt very much that a white 160GB game system will follow this controller across the Pacific, but it also would not surprise us too much if Sony reveals one before these preorders ship on October 15th.

Because Sony already sells a “Ceramic White” controller, and as Engadget points out, unless you’re attempting to match colors, a single shade of white is generally all you need.

Mac classic makes a good dock for the ipad

Posted in DIY by Conner Flynn on June 10th, 2010

This is a cool mod with a retro twist. A Japanese modder took an old Macintosh classic and turned it into an awesome iPad docking station. It’s a simple idea that is executed perfectly.

The iPad screen fits nicely inside the old monitor frame of the Mac Classic and just like that you have the best of the old and new. We love this kind of creativity. Awesome job.

Dreamcast Boombox casemod crams one classic into another

Posted in DIY by Conner Flynn on May 31st, 2010

Turn that trash down! But dad I’m just playing video games. On my boombox. Modder XCKDIY has created the awesomely retro Dreamcast Boombox casemod. The Dreamcast console has been jammed into a portable boombox, and he installed a front-facing LCD as well.

The Dreamcast’s drive has even been integrated into the player’s original drive tray, keeping it all authentic. The four controller ports are in the front, so you can easily hook up your controllers for some multiplayer gaming.

Nintendo Wii Classic Controller Pro hits the US

Posted in Wii by Conner Flynn on April 20th, 2010

If you own a Wii and are still playing it, you’ll be happy to know that the Classic Controller Pro is now available in the US. The controller features another row of shoulder buttons and ergonomically friendly grips to help you, well, keep a grip.

It can also be plugged straight into the Wii Remote controller for wireless connectivity with the Wii. This classic blast from the past comes in either black or white. We aren’t sure which games it works with, but we know that it works with over 450 Wii, WiiWare and Virtual Console games.


Retro Thing Clear Classic USB Joystick

Posted in gaming accessories by Conner Flynn on January 31st, 2010

The folks over at Retro Thing, well, they love retro things as much as we do, so they’ve released their own version of the classic Atari 2600 joystick. This version is made from clear plastic and when you plug it in it lights up with a blue LED glow.

The Clear Classic USB Joystick package includes the Stella Atari 2600 emulator and over 80 games. Classics like Pacman 4K, Seawolf, Atari 2600 Soccer, Ladybug, and Invaders Plus. The joystick is compatible with almost any emulator that runs Atari, Amiga and Commodore software and even supports MAME and modern games that use a standard USB joystick.

Star Trek wetsuits let you explore a very wet frontier

Posted in Sci-Fi by Conner Flynn on December 30th, 2009

Underwater Trek seems to be all the rage in Japan, so why not dress up for it? Well, now you can with these Star Trek wetsuits, just like the uniforms that Kirk and crew wore, just made for the water.

They even come custom-fitted for between $435 and $470. Take someone in the red suit with you. That way you’ll be safe and he’ll be fish-food. And FYI, that Spock wetsuit won’t help you perform a Vulcan mind-meld on a Manta Ray. In case you were wondering.

2-player Tetris table

Posted in Games by Conner Flynn on December 30th, 2009

There’s no arguing that Tetris is a true classic. We’ve seen countless interpretations of the game. Now we have a two-player Tetris table that looks like a whole lot of fun.

The idea is that one of the players gets to choose the pieces to send down to the other player, which makes it more difficult to get the right pieces to fit. Talk about frustrating! Still, it sounds very intense. We can only imagine that soon there will be some serious Tetris wars fought on this thing tournament style.

Nokia 6700 Classic Gold Edition will blind you, leave you broke

Posted in Nokia by Conner Flynn on December 9th, 2009

Nokia 6700 Classic Gold Edition will blind you, leave you brokeYears from now people will flock across the country in a new gold rush, exclaiming “There’s gold in dem dere hills” Why? Not because of shimmering veins of gold in the Earth, but because they know that rich people dropped their cellphones.

The Nokia 6700 Classic Gold Edition is a 6700 Classic handset with a limited edition 18-carat gold finish. It comes with special wallpaper to compliment the new look too. It will cost you €370 (or roughly $550). Save your money for Q1 2010. The rest of us will just wait until you lose it.


iPod touch prices get slashed

Posted in iPod by Conner Flynn on September 9th, 2009

iPod touch prices get slashedToday is Apple’s big event and in conjunction with said event, we are now seeing price drops on every iPod touch in Apple’s on-line store. The 8GB model is now listed at $189 (from $229), the 16GB model is $249 (from $299), and the 32GB model is just $279 (from $399). Obviously they are making room for the new toys.

The nano and classic have gotten the price cut treatment as well, with the classic cut to $229 (from $249) while the nano starts at $129 (from $149) for the 8GB version or $149 (was $199) for a 16GB nano.

Classic Controller Pro appears at E3

Posted in Wii by Conner Flynn on June 3rd, 2009

Classic Controller Pro appears at E3Here’s an interesting story. The guys over at Joystiq spotted a pair of Classic Controller Pros for the Wii at Nintendo’s E3 booth. What’s unusual about this is that it still hasn’t been announced for release outside of Japan.

Nintendo reps at the booth apparently know nothing, or they just weren’t saying anything about a planned release. There’s also no official word on the E3 press site. Yet the controllers were there in all their Wii-white glory.

Awesome Lego Donkey Kong level

Posted in lego by Conner Flynn on May 3rd, 2009

Awesome Lego Donkey Kong levelThis is one of the cooler Lego Donkey Kong things we’ve seen in quite some time. Sure, it doesn’t move and actually do stuff like this one, but just look at all that amazing detail.

Hammers, barrels,fire, it has it all. It’s all the more impressive because it doesn’t move. After taking it in for a bit, you feel like it could/should. Sure, Mario and the Princess are just generic Lego people, but that’s maybe it’s only flaw. Look at those ladders and beams. My inner nerd is happy now and so I share it with you.

Retro NES classic controllers for the Wii

Posted in Wii by Conner Flynn on February 25th, 2009

Retro NES classic controllers for the WiiLooks like the Super Famicon controller for the Wii was just the first such retro controller. Codejunkies is offering this NES-type classic gamepad that has the SNES’s four buttons for $20.

What’s next? We predict a new version of the Nintendo Power Glove, maybe a Mini ROB the robot that can hold your Wiimote. Once they redo all the old Nintendo peripherals, how about an Atari joystick for the Wii?

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