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Silicon Power 32GB Class 4 microSDHC Card

Posted in Storage by Conner Flynn on January 19th, 2011

Need a little more storage space in your microSDHC card? Well, Silicon Power has unveiled their newest powerful bit of silicone, a 32GB microSDHC card which comes with Class 4 Speed specification.

This tiny card can store up to 9,000 photos, 6,000 songs or 500 minutes of HD video, and will give you transfer speeds of at least 4MB/s. Unfortunately, there’s no word on pricing right now. Hopefully we will know soon.

Kingston introduces Class 4 32GB microSDHC card

Posted in Kingston by Conner Flynn on October 9th, 2010

Coming just days after SanDisk’s 32GB microSDHC card has fallen to $87, Kingston outs a nearly identical unit of its very own. This one is a class 4 instead of Class 2, which means that you can look forward to a 4MB/s minimum data transfer rate.

Obviously that speed boost comes at a high price, when it starts shipping on Monday, with the card alone priced at $153. So you can either go slow and cheap, or pricey and fast. You decide.