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Computer Solves the Game of Checkers

Posted in News,Science by Chetz on July 20th, 2007

Computer Solves the Game of CheckersAfter 18 years spent playing the game and millions of matches won and lost, a computer has now solved the riddle of whether there can be a perfect game of checkers. Computer scientists working at the University of Alberta in Canada used a program called Chinook to factor out the 500 billion positions possible in any one game of checkers. The result was that it is possible to reach a draw against your opponent but it’s exceedingly rare to happen. Chinook was able to plot out every possible move and reach the determination but for flesh and blood players, thinking ahead 20 or 30 moves down the line is asking a little too much from the software in our heads.

The U of A researchers also said that checkers was by far the most complex game ever to be successfully worked out by …