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iHome unveils iB969 Charging Station

Posted in iHome by Conner Flynn on November 3rd, 2010

iHome has unveiled the iB969 charging station for iOS devices, which features quick-charge USB ports that don’t support syncing and also standard-charge ports that do support syncing. The $60 charging station comes bundled with adapters for various iPods and has a rubberized rest area for your iPad.

You can charge up to four different devices simultaneously. The iB969 can sync with iTunes and features a USB to AC adapter for devices like the Sony Reader. BlackBerry, Kindles and the Nook can be charged using the bundled USB to mini-USB adapter.

Toyota Avalon gets wireless charging station for iPod and iPhone

Posted in Automotive by Conner Flynn on August 23rd, 2010

Do you love being wireless? Of course, we all do. That’s why you might want to consider the Toyota Avalon as your next major vehicle purchase. Forget MPG and all that. The only factor to consider is that it comes with a built-in wireless charging station for both the iPod and iPhone.

You can thank designer Barry Hutzel of Bazza Design and Fulton Innovation’s engineers. This automotive charging station will dock your smartphone and iPod at the same time so you can always be connected.

Thrustmaster WiiMote cradle & charging station

Posted in Wii Accessories by Conner Flynn on March 27th, 2008

Thrustmaster WiiMote cradle & charging station
Looks like Thrustmaster is involved in all things Wii these days. The latest are these two cradles/chargers. T-Charge One NW and T-Charge Duo NW will help you keep your Wiimotes orderly rather then just having them lay around.

The NW will hold your Nunchuck, gamepad and Wiimote. It will also charge your WiiMote when it’s plugged into the console vis the USB port. It comes with rechargeable batteries for the Wiimote. Duo NW will hold only two WiiMotes, leaving your Nunchuck and gamepad out in the cold. Both will be available in April. T-Charge One NW will cost about $26 and the Duo NW is supposed to be just a tad more.

EZ Mount Cell Phone Charging Station clutter free

Posted in Mobile Accessories by Nino Marchetti on November 28th, 2007

EZ Mount Cell Phone Charging StationYou’ve got a cell phone. You’ve got keys. You’ve got a charging cable. What you really have now is a big annoying clutter that looks ugly on your desktop. One new possible solution for that is the just announced EZ Mount Cell Phone Charging Station, developed by WJS Technologies and priced at around $13.

The EZ Mount Cell Phone Charging Station “consists of a shelf for the phone, a cord holder to hide the charging cord and a hook to hang car keys.” The manufacturer says it installs easily, being made from plastic and with a skid free pad. It’s designed to be reversed so it can fit in a variety of places and doesn’t require drills or anchors to be mounted. It also will work with any existing phone charger.