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LulzSec says new anti-Sony hack campaign starts within a day

Posted in Sony by Conner Flynn on May 29th, 2011

Hacking collective Lulz Security says that it is about to launch a new campaign against Sony. The timeframe is “within the next day.” This follows attacks on Sony Music Japan and elsewhere. Of course, the group didn’t name its specific targets other than some Sony websites.

It doesn’t look like Lulz is responsible for the PSN hack that took down the network for three weeks. So why all the hate against Sony? Well, many don’t like it’s approach to trying to fight PS3 jailbreaking, including getting data on anyone who had even so much as visited hacker George Hotz’ website or commented on his YouTube videos.

Microsoft “I’m a PC” ad created using a Mac

Posted in Microsoft by Conner Flynn on September 21st, 2008

Microsoft to announce no more Seinfeld ads tomorrowIf you’re going to promote your own platform while dissing the other guy’s, it’s probably a good idea to not use the other guy’s to create your commercial. Turns out that phase two of the “I’m a PC” advertising against Apple was created on a Mac. Ironic. What are the chances that Apple is going to run with this and make fun of them for it? Probably pretty good. Metadata found in the images of the PC user featured on the “I’m a PC” web site tells the tale.

The data showed that the images were produced using Macs that were running Adobe Creative Suite 3. Microsoft responded by saying that “as is common in almost all campaign workflow, agencies and production houses use a wide variety of software and hardware to create, edit and distribute content, including both Macs and PCs.” After that the metadata was gone.