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Toshiba’s Camileo P100 and B10 hit the U.S.

Posted in Camcorders by Conner Flynn on June 14th, 2011

Toshiba has some new camcorder news today. The Camileo P100 and B10 models it announced for Europe, Africa, and the Middle East are now on sale in the good old US.

Both camcorders shoot 1080p video and 16 megapixel stills. The pistol-shaped P100 adds 5X optical zoom, which is not common for a pocket cam. The P100 is available now for $180 and the Flip-inspired B10 can be had for $120. Any takers?

Toshiba Camileo P100 and B10 pocket camcorders

Posted in Camcorders by Conner Flynn on April 7th, 2011

Toshiba is getting ready to ship two new models in their line of Camileo pocket camcorders in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. The B10 camcorder has a candy bar shape and a front-facing lens. It shoots at Full HD resolution, takes 16 megapixel stills, has a 16X digital zoom, and handles SDXC cards as large as 64GB.

The P100 has the same specs and adds 8X optical zoom. We don’t have any pricing info yet, but we can tell you that this pair will go on sale sometime in the second quarter.

Toshiba announces Camileo S30, P20 Pocket Camcorders

Posted in Camcorders by Conner Flynn on September 4th, 2010

Toshiba has announced some interesting upgrades to its pocket camcorder lineup at IFA, with the new Camileo S30 and P20 models. Both camcorders support 1080p full HD video capture with 10X digital zoom.

Other features include an HDMI out port, SD card slot for up to 64 GB of storage, and touchscreen controls. The S30 is about 0.7-inches thick and will retail for about $215 in January. It will take 8-megapixel resolution images with automatic exposure control and image stabilization. The $183 P20 will be able to capture 5-megapixel images and will be available in October.

Toshiba launches S20, H30 and X100 Camileo camcorders

Posted in Camcorders by Conner Flynn on September 3rd, 2009

Toshiba launches S20, H30 and X100 Camileo camcordersToshiba just launched three new camcorders. The Camileo S20, H30 and X100 models. All three offer full HD (1920 x 1080p). The Camileo S20 is one of the slimmest HD camcorders in the world at a mere 17mm, while the H30 is all about “functionality with ease of use” and the X100 will get you a a decent 10x optical zoom.

If you’re looking for a budget camcorder, the S20 fits the bill, with specs like a 4x digital zoom, 5-megapixel sensor and 3-inch rotating screen. The H30 sports 10 megapixels, 5x optical zoom and 10x digital. The X100 features a 10-megapixel sensor 10x optical, 10x digital and a 4GB built-in flash memory. Plus, both the H30 and X100 have LCD touchscreen panels.