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Retro MP3 Player looks like a Brick Cell Phone

Posted in MP3 by Conner Flynn on September 15th, 2010

The Mp3 player market is dying these days, so why not spice things up by putting them in an oversized retro gadget? Like the 80′s brick cell phone! The USB Retro Mobile MP3 Player is designed to look like those old cell phone dinosaurs of yesterday.

This DAP features a MicroSDHC slot, built in speakers, a built in FM radio, and it can also play back WMA files. It will also work as a standalone speaker that can connect to another audio device. The USB Retro Mobile MP3 Player will cost you just $23.00.

80’s Brick Cell Phone

Posted in Mobile Phones by Darrin Olson on February 19th, 2007

1980’s Brick Cell PhoneSince the first flip phone came out in the early 90’s mobile phones just haven’t been the same, and it just wouldn’t be right if the Brick passed up reporting on this retro style 1980’s cell phone. A brick can mean a number of different things; solid and reliable, some gadget rendered useless by time or technology and of course a great big heavy cell phone that makes you taste pennies and forget your name after more than 15 minutes of continuous use.

The 80’s Brick Cell Phone model FY8850 is an actually working mobile phone replica that looks old but has modern technology. It’s unlocked and works on any GSM network (900, 1800 or 1900 but not 850). There is no wireless headset, Bluetooth, car charger or USB connection since that would just go against how this phone should be used. A large cell …