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Steampunk guitar with clockwork gears, a lot of brass

Posted in Musical Instruments by Conner Flynn on January 28th, 2009

Steampunk guitar with clockwork gears, a lot of brassThe Steampunk phenomenon just keeps chugging along. Here’s a little something for you Guitar Hero players who wish they featured a Victorian rocker with period guitar. This is what such a guitar might look like. It was built for the 2008 Jersey City Artists Studio Tour by Mark Dalzell, and it’s called Organum Insolitus.

It features a television with Fresnel lens magnifier, onboard phaser, an amplifier and uses clockwork gears, hand hammered brass, cloth wire and wood. The guitar can be attached to an external amp with a standard ¼-inch cable, so you can really use this.

Steampunk sewing machine is functional

Posted in Home by Conner Flynn on December 2nd, 2008

Steampunk sewing machine is functionalLove steampunk, but lack a steampunk sewing machine to go with your Victorian decor? Becky Stern’s Steampunk Sewing Machine actually functions as a sewing machine. The propeller even spins when the drive-wheel moves! As Becky puts it, “I got an old sewing machine at goodwill and steamed it up with brassy bits!”

That about sums it up. With this thing you can authentically sew steampunky stuff. Fans of such contraptions can take a gander at the machine and other steampunk objects at First Studio in downtown Phoenix on December 5, where these will be displayed as part of a steampunk show.

Steampunk mouse looks like a killer tank

Posted in Mouse by Conner Flynn on July 16th, 2008

Steampunk mouse looks like a killer tank
This steampunk mouse definitely looks like a tank. It’s a Russian built tank/mouse and actually looks like the kind of steampunk tank that Russia might have constructed.

Having began life as a plain black mouse, it’s all brass and leather now. It even has little porthole type windows. The modder even went so far as to pimp the usb connection to match, which is a nice touch. I don’t think you could use it comfortably, but this thing is probably better turned into an RC steampunk tank anyhow.

Dad gives son Steampunk Clock as wedding gift

Posted in Clocks by Conner Flynn on June 1st, 2008

Dad gives son Steampunk Clock as wedding gift
Whether it’s marriage by shotgun or just a pat on the back, you can’t do much better then getting this beautiful steampunk clock as a gift. It beats the hell out of a toaster or a blender. The father spent weeks working on the clock, which is walnut with brass and other metals.

He did a pretty good job considering that the son only recently introduced him to the whole steampunk thing. Plus the guy is grade A crazy in a good way like Doc Emmett Brown. He wanted to wear a steam-punk suit to the wedding, but his wife wouldn’t let him. It’s made by Diversified Artistic Designs (D.A.D.).

Steampunk usb memory is flashy

Posted in USB Flash Drives by Conner Flynn on May 23rd, 2008

Steampunk usb memory is flashy
If Flash Gordon had a laptop, this would be his preferred USB memory. It’s the creation of a crazy modder over in Russia and it’s full of retro steampunk shininess, hand crafted from polished brass and copper, with a lot of attention to detail. He got all of it just right.

Which makes me wonder why no company has yet taken advantage of the whole steampunk thing and started mass producing usb memory like this. They could move a ton of items. Geeks like me would eat it up. I shouldn’t have to rely on a modder from Russia for my usb needs, that’s all I’m saying.