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Earloomz NBA Bluetooth Headsets

Posted in Bluetooth by Conner Flynn on June 20th, 2010

The NBA Championships may be officially over, but you can still show your devotion to your favorite team. You can get either the Celtics version of this Bluetooth Headset or the Lakers version. The company is offering two designs for each team, with each model costing $59.95.

Each headset will use Bluetooth 2.1+ EDR with noise cancellation and last number redial. And if you weren’t a fan of either team, they will be announcing the full line of NBA headsets on July 4th, so there will be something for everyone.

Sony Ericsson VH410 and VH110 GreenHeart Bluetooth Headsets

Posted in Bluetooth by Conner Flynn on June 5th, 2010

Sony Ericsson has announced a pair of new Bluetooth headsets in its GreenHeart line, the VH410 and VH110. Both are made from recycled plastics and finished with water-based paint. The headsets come in environmentally friendly and small packaging to reduce waste. It’s all about the environment.

The VH410 uses noise cancellation technology and can connect to two cell phones at the same time. The VH110 comes with three earpieces and delivers up to 10-hours of talk time. The Sony Ericsson VH410 and VH110 GreenHeart will be available on August, 2010.

SouthWing selling new headset through AT&T

Posted in Headsets by Nino Marchetti on June 4th, 2008

SouthWing SH241SouthWing said today one of its Bluetooth headsets is set be available exclusively in the United States via AT&T. It is the SH241 and you’ll find it pricing around $40.

The SouthWing SH241 will offer a variety of interesting features for Bluetooth headset users. This include a whisper mode which identifies the incoming call pone number audibly, one-touch access to a favorite number and auto call pickup.

Tritton debuts small form factor Bluetooth headset

Posted in Headsets by Nino Marchetti on April 8th, 2008

Tritton Technologies is unveiling to Bluetooth phone owners everywhere a somewhat discretely designed wireless headset for hands-free activities. It is called the AX Micro Bluetooth Headset and you’ll find it priced at around $60.

The Tritton AX Micro has what is described as a “comfort fit attachment” and also makes use of flexible finger grips which rest on the inner ear rim for stability. As a Bluetooth headset it will get you around five hours of talk time and 150 hours of standby time on one battery charge.