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Room Tech Beingz alarm clock & lamp

Posted in Clocks by Conner Flynn on August 27th, 2008

Room Tech Beingz alarm clock & lampMeet the Room Tech Beingz Alarm Clock, and Mood Lamp. They’re buddies who collaborate and wake you as a team. The clock’s feet light up, the it opens it’s mouth wide to sound off in one of three different noises to wake you up. It will also move its arms up and down if you don’t get up. It will even play music and do a little dance to the tunes, .so it isn’t completely annoying.

The mood lamp is a bit more calm, with four different brightness settings depending on your mood. It too will dance, and respond to your touch. They sport a very cool retro look, with a modern twist. The pair can even communicate with one another if they’re within 15 feet. The Alarm Clock can get the Lamp to turn on it’s brightest setting. That added with the noise should get you up and make you hate them day after day.