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Murata’s new balancing robot gets feminine, rides a unicycle

Posted in Robots by Conner Flynn on September 24th, 2008

Murata’s new balancing robot gets feminine, rides a unicycleRemember Murata’s amazing bicycle riding bot? Well, they’ve created a girl that basically one-ups the poor guy and shows him up by riding only on one wheel. Her name is Seiko, a 20-inch tall, 11 pound unicycle riding robot. Just like her male counter-part, Keisaku-kun, Seiko sports a chest-mounted gyro to keep her upright and uses Bluetooth to communicate with a PC that gives her instructions.

If you find yourself in Japan, you can watch the whole family of robo-daredevils do their thing at CEATEC Japan 2008. One-upped by a girl who only needs one wheel? That sucks. Check out a video below of the original, our favorite bike riding bot, casually riding around looking like some robo-hoodlum up to no good.