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Paypal hands over 1,000 IP addresses of Anonymous attackers

Posted in Paypal by Conner Flynn on July 31st, 2011

Remember when Anonymous had a beef against Paypal last year for freezing Wikileaks‘ account and launched DDoS attacks against the billing and payment company? Well, some of the attackers have left behind enough information to be traceable. And now Paypal has handed over a list of 1,000 IP addresses to the FBI.

There’s no way to know whether the list of IP addresses are just a dump of attacking systems or whether Paypal’s investigation actually turned up some indication that these thousand IP addresses were orchestrating the attack. They have alluded to the notion that the addresses they handed over are some of the IPs that sent the most data.

SOE attack “make good” plan gets you a free DC Universe Online Batman mask

Posted in Sony by Conner Flynn on May 4th, 2011

Sony Online Entertainment is offering the DC Universe Online community a free Batman inspired mask as part of its “make good” plan after an attack on the system that has led to two weeks without service to the PlayStation Network. All players who were affected will receive both the Batman mask and a 30 day subscription credit plus one day for each day the service is unavailable. Not a bad way to say they are sorry.

In addition, SOE is asking for patience as it returns service. “Please bear with us as the complexities of the subscription server dictate how and when this will be available along with pertinent details,” But hey, free batman stuff.

This just in: Ice Invaders attack drinks

Posted in Home by Conner Flynn on February 3rd, 2009

This just in: Ice Invaders attack drinksYou’re a geek and so are we. So we understand. Sometimes you just can’t keep all that love for Space Invaders to yourself. You have to slip it in her drink like a nerd roofie, hoping that it will pique her interest. Maybe she’ll ask what it is. You can explain and in the process make her a nerd too. Maybe you’ll play the classic game together.

Not very likely. She’ll probably just tell you to keep your dork ice in that Shirley Temple you’re sipping. Hey, you tried. Ice Invaders is a silicone tray that will make Space Invaders ice or let you bake your own aliens. It will be available this spring. Pretend your going pew pew pew as they melt in your girlly drink.

British Jedi master defeated by Darth Vader

Posted in Star Wars by Conner Flynn on March 31st, 2008

Darth Vader
This really happened…And not in a galaxy far far away, but in England… Jedi Master Hehol, a hairdresser, who founded the first British Jedi church was giving a TV interview for a documentary, when suddenly a drunk Darth Vader wearing a garbage bag appeared and kicked his ass not with a lightsaber, but with a metal crutch.

I guess that says alot about free speech in the Empire these days. The Jedi Master was no match for the Dark Lord of the Sith and after Vader took care of the Jedi geek, he attacked the TV crew and a hairdresser.

Hawks think WowWee FlyTech Dragonfly is real

Posted in News by Conner Flynn on February 22nd, 2008

Hawks think WowWee FlyTech Dragonfly is real
Apparently the FlyTech Dragonfly really is an awesome flying device. Nine out of ten hawks agree, that the things look pretty damn tasty. The toy has been fooling quite a few birds of prey lately.

Some kid on Long Island had his FlyTech Dragonfly snatched out of the air by a hungry hawk that mistook it for actual prey. I guess this is a testament to the toy’s ability’s, or maybe hawks are hard up for food. After investigating the story, WowWee’s Customer Service Department said that it has received 45 different calls over the past 2 months. That’s right, hawks everywhere and other birds of prey are swooping down and snatching people’s FlyTech Dragonfly out of the air.