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ARCHOS 704 WiFi Introduced

Posted in Archos,Digital Audio,Digital Video by Reuben Drake on March 7th, 2007

Archos 704 WiFi portable audio and video player announcedWe had a sneak-preview of the ARCHOS 704 WiFi via the FCC last month, and now ARCHOS announced the new ARCHOS 704-WiFi. Boasted as the only portable media player with a 7inch screen and full WiFi capabilities, the 704-WiFi also has a very high quality screen with a resolution of 800×480 with 6 million colors. Just as the older 604-WiFi model, the 704 comes with video, music and photo playback, as well as full internet access whatever your needs may be. Along with these features, the 704 also has an 80GB hard drive, touch screen navigation for use with your fingers or a stylus, and video editing capabilities.

If you happen to have a wireless network in your home, the 704-WiFi will allow you to browse your vast media collection in the comfort of your living room. …

FCC Reveals Archos 704 WiFi

Posted in Archos,Digital Audio,Digital Video by Darrin Olson on February 8th, 2007

Archos 704 WiFiArchos is making a name for itself, and although for some it might not be the best name they are definitely not quitters. We actually kinda’ liked the Archos 604 video player for it’s sharp look and decent screen size. We liked it even more when the added WiFi to it and we noticed some of the cool accessories, like the helmet cam.

Today pictures of a new version of the player called the Archos 704 WiFi was revealed via the FCC and we couldn’t help but notice the words “MOBILE DVR” stamped on the front.

The actual functionality details are a little gray at this point, but it does seem to have the same sharp look, possibly a little bigger screen and maybe a bigger hard drive for storing and playing more movies. Common DVR functions are a strong possibility which would …