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Old School Upright Arcade Game from Apex

Posted in Arcade,Games by Darrin Olson on April 4th, 2007

Upright Apex arcade gamesHow long has it been since you’ve come across an upright arcade gaming machine that hosts Pac-Man, Gauntlet, Galaga or Joust? The Apex Arcade Machine has those games and 137 more built into the 69 inch tall console with a 19″ TFT monitor.

Even though the design of the machine is very arcade-reminiscent, the software that runs it is a little more up to date. The 140 games actually run on an Intel based system running Windows XP Home which can be interfaced with a wireless keyboard and mouse. Instead of a slot for quarters, games and software can be loaded through a DVD-RW drive in the front and stored on a 160GB hard drive. Speakers and plenty of expansion space come with no extra charge and make the Apex Arcade gaming machine ready to go, out of the box.

This looks to be a …