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2012 Ford Focus will call for an ambulance if you crash

Posted in Automotive by Conner Flynn on March 1st, 2011

At CeBIT, Ford CEO Allan Mulally unveiled a new feature of the new Ford Focus that will launch next year. It’s called Sync Emergency Assistance and the service will come free with every Ford that has Sync installed. Sync Emergency Assistance uses your phone to make sure that drivers and passengers aren’t left unattended or stranded when they get into a car accident.

Should you crash, the car will automatically send out a phone call for help. It will even use GPS and cell towers to triangulate your position so that emergency services will know exactly where you are. The car will even speak the language of the emergency hotline operator, so language is not a barrier at all. We can expect to see Sync Emergency Assistance in Ford cars next year, when it starts saving lives.