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Ice Meister Slicer, the all-season sled

Posted in Outdoors by Conner Flynn on December 1st, 2008

Ice Meister Slicer, the all-season sledDo you have an un-natural and un-healthy desire to sled down a hill in the middle of summer? Apparently, you aren’t the only one. Here’s your ticket, right here. The Ice Meister Slicer lets you race down the big hills all year long. It works like an ordinary sled when there’s plenty of snow, but in the summer, you bring the ice to the hill, mounted on the bottom of the sled. Pretty simple solution huh?

But why the hell can’t you live without sledding for a few months? Here’s how it works. There are two molds, called Icers, that you remove from the sled, fill with water and then freeze. Then you attach the two slabs of ice to the bottom of the sled for summer sledding fun.