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Symposium to teach AIs how to wage nuclear war

Posted in News by Conner Flynn on June 19th, 2009

Symposium to teach AIs how to wage nuclear warRemember when that computer asked Matthew Broderick “Do you want to play a game?” in it’s cold electronic tones? Yeah, this is like that, minus Broderick. The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers holds a symposium every year on Computational Intelligence and Games. Sounds innocent enough. But part of the symposium is a kind of “Turing Test” challenge, in which contestants program an AI to play a videogame. The objective is to trick a panel of human judges into thinking the AI is a human player.

This year’s videogame is DEFCON, the nuclear war strategy game from Introversion. Good idea? Probably not. I liked this better when it was just a stupid 80s movie.