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Survey shows iPad’s effect on PC market

Posted in Tablet PC by Conner Flynn on April 12th, 2011

A recent survey by Google-owned AdMob showed that many consumers are spending more time on their tablets and less time sitting uncomfortably at their PCs, using smartphones, watching TV, listening to the radio, and of course reading those outdated paper books. The are neglecting many things in favor of tablet use. AdMob expects tablet customers to reach 165 million devices over the next two years.

1,430 tablet owners participated in the survey, among these 77% said they spend less time with their personal computers after buying a tablet, 43% said they use their tablets more than their personal computers, and 28% say that they now use a tablet as their primary computer. 68% said they spent at least 1 hour each day with the device, 84% use it mainly for playing games, while 78% search for information. It’s very clear that the tablet is King. But we already knew that. PCs are on the way out, but not completely gone yet.