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Finger Skateboards get the Wii treatment

Posted in Games by Conner Flynn on September 17th, 2008

Finger Skateboards get the Wii treatmentSo, we all know that motion controls like Nintendo’s Wii are the future of gaming. The Stix controllers even took a stab at it for the PC. Actiga has an interesting take on it (We think) and has announced a new line of Mini-Motion controllers that will be available in different game categories.

USB controllers will be available for Mac and PC, that resemble such things as skateboards, RC Cars, baseball, and a racing vehicle. Each of the controllers connect via USB and will sell for $19.99. It’s unclear if the controller has games built-in or if they are simply controllers to be used with other PC games that already exist. I mean, we’re assuming these aren’t just glorified joysticks.