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Symantec acquires PC Tools for second time in software history

Posted in Software by Nino Marchetti on August 20th, 2008

PC ToolsOlder computer geeks, circa mid-1990s, may well remember Central Point Software, developers of the original PC Tools collection of software utilities which gave Symantec a run for its money. Symantec acquired Central Point in 1994, putting an end to its major competitor at the time. The PC Tools name faded for awhile, before becoming the name of another software company in 2004. This company, in turn, was just picked up by Symantec today.

Symantec said it would be acquiring PC Tools for an undisclosed sum, keeping the company as a separate brand (for now). PC Tools, the modern company, is known for its variety of software products which handle privacy, anti-virus, computer maintenance and other tasks on Windows computers. This, again, is much like the original PC Tools. Did Symantec see the writing on the wall, again, and just decide to nip a potential …