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Kingston ships 256GB DataTraveler 310 USB flash drive in US

Posted in Kingston by Conner Flynn on February 18th, 2010

256GB is a lot to have on your flash drive no matter how you look at it. Non-Americans have had access to the DataTraveler 300 for almost a year and now it’s our turn. Kingston has finally realized that us Americans would like that kind of capacity as well.

And the DataTraveler 310 is just the drive to deliver it to us. It’s the first 256GB flash drive to ship in the States. The DT 310 can hold up to 54 DVDs or 1,984 JPEGs and it’ll play nice with Windows, Linux and OS X-based systems.

PureSilicon 256GB Renegade R2 SSD Drive

Posted in Storage by Conner Flynn on October 26th, 2009

PureSilicon 256GB Renegade R2 SSD DrivePureSilicon has upgraded its Renegade R2 SSD series with a brand new 256GB version. The drive features 255MB/sec sequential read rates and 180MB/sec sequential write rates and supports MIL-STD-810F standards so that it can hold up in extreme temperatures and to shock and vibration.

The tough and rugged 256GB SSD drive will begin shipping in the first quarter of 2010 along with encrypted versions. The PureSilicon 256GB SSD Drive is also available in 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB and 128GB capacities.

Kingston’s 256GB flash drive

Posted in Kingston by Conner Flynn on July 20th, 2009

Kingston's 256GB flash driveWow. Just one month after breaking the 128GB barrier, Kingston has released the 256GB DataTraveler 300. That didn’t take long at all. It’s the highest capacity available on the market.

Up to 90% of the drives content can be password protected and conveniently accessed with the new Password Traveler software. Sadly, it isn’t available in the US, but if it is soon, it will cost around $900.

Samsung announces 256GB SSD

Posted in SSD by Conner Flynn on May 25th, 2008

Samsung announces 256GB SSD
Samsung has announced the world’s fastest MLC-based 256GB SATA solid state drive which boasts some amazingly fast read speeds of 200 mps and 160 mps write speeds. It’s also the thinnest and largest capacity drive with a SATA II interface. Salivating yet?

It measures just 9.5mm thick. No pricing info is available yet, but expect it to be expensive. Should you be able to afford one, they’ll be available this September, with a 1.8-inch version coming in Q4.