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GeoBulb II: LED lighting that lasts for 20 years

Posted in Home by Conner Flynn on February 11th, 2009

GeoBulb II: LED lighting that lasts for 20 yearsThe problem with producing a long-lasting and bright LED Light Bulb is that the components in an LED bulb often fail before the LEDs themselves. Looks like that may change. The GeoBulb II Wedge Base type bulb is designed to fit into all wedge-based fixtures, bringing LED light bulbs up to the brightness of incandescent bulbs and maintaining the quality that make LEDs so good.

The bulb will supposedly last 30,000 hours, using just a fraction of the power of incandescent bulbs, while generating very little heat and isn’t susceptible to vibrations or repeated on/off switching. The bulb uses 7.5-Watts of power while dispensing 60-watts of equivalent light.