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New Galaxy Tab will feature Nvidia Tegra 2?

Posted in Samsung by Conner Flynn on December 14th, 2010

There has been some talk about the Galaxy Tab 2 having Nvidia’s Tegra 2 chipset and we’re hearing it again, but this time it’s coming from an analyst. Ambrish Srivastava, a semiconductors analyst, recently spent a week visiting more than 30 tech companies and thinks that Nvidia Tegra will be very busy in 2011, inside many devices.

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab sequel is said to be one of those devices. If true, this is a bit of a surprise since Samsung has developed a dual-core successor to Hummingbird. One reason might be that they want to segregate the smartphones and tablets with different processors.

Redbox debuts $2 video game rentals

Posted in Games by Conner Flynn on August 16th, 2009

Redbox debuts $2 video game rentalsIf you’re a fan of Redbox and have been hoping for some video game rentals kiosks, then you will love this news. It’s happening. For $2 a night, you can rent games for Nintendo DS, Wii, PS2 and 3, and Xbox 360. That’s not a super awesome price compared to Blockbuster, but it’s not bad.

Right now the game selections are slim, but that should improve quickly, so no worries. At the moment it’s only in the Reno, Nevada area. But like their selection of games it should expand in no time.

Thanko’s Lazy Mouse 2

Posted in Mouse by Conner Flynn on May 4th, 2009

Thanko's Lazy Mouse 2Thanko has a new and interesting gadget they’ve just introduced, in the Lazy Mouse 2, aka the GoroNeDeMouse2. It’s small enough to operate your computer like a wireless mouse. Is it lazy? For some people, this might be far easier. Especially if desk space is an issue.

The Lazy Mouse 2 is compatible with both Windows and Mac, but sadly the built-in rechargeable battery has just 4 hours of life. I’m curious. How many of you think this is an amazing idea? And how many think it’s a waste of $50?

Amazon Kindle 2 on the way?

Posted in kindle by Conner Flynn on January 27th, 2009

Amazon Kindle 2 on the way?Amazon just announced a press conference at New York’s Morgan Library & Museum for Monday, February 9th. Hmmm. What could they possibly be rolling out at a library? A replacement for the Kindle? One that puts books between two hard coverings, on paper? Oh wait, that’s the old way.

Apparently the newest Kindle will be less angular than it’s predecessor, thinner and just a tad longer. One possibility that is being talked about is a larger-screen version for students. The new version should do away with some of the bugs that the first possessed, like accidental page turns for instance.

LED Football 2 for iPhone

Posted in iPhone by Conner Flynn on December 28th, 2008

LED Football 2 for iPhoneWhile it won’t impress today’s kids who grew up on Madden NFL, this will be a familiar sight to those of us who grew up in the 70s/80s. It’s an updated version of the LED football handheld we all knew and loved. It’s up at the AppStore.

Some new features include running, kicking, punts, field goals and passing. You won’t even have to worry about wear to the plastic buttons or buying a new 9 volt battery. With Passing you have total offense. This is how football was played once upon a time, as blips on a screen.

Samsung Haptic 2 mobile phone

Posted in Mobile Phones by Conner Flynn on September 28th, 2008

Samsung Haptic 2 mobile phoneThe Samsung Haptic 2 mobile phone is currently available in 4GB and 16GB flavors. The mobile phone features a 3.2-Inch LCD touch screen, DMB, e-dictionary, Bluetooth, and 5MP camera. The handset also comes with a new User Interface that lets users create their own vibration mode to be used for either good or evil, and create various personal screen designs with 50 icons. The Samsung Haptic 2 is priced between €480 and €550.

New widescreen DS on the way?

Posted in Nintendo DS by Conner Flynn on September 4th, 2008

New widescreen DS on the way?Nintendo may have all kinds of DS Lite colors available, and a metallic silver will be available soon in the U.S., but according to IGN, they have something bigger on the horizon. A third version of the DS. One with dual touchscreen displays, one of them even widescreen. They aren’t sure whether the redesign will be simply another DS iteration or the DS 2. IGN says the rumored release date is April or May 2009, so I guess we’ll have to wait and see. The above pic is just IGN’s mockup.