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$18,000 Darth Vader bronze statue for your worship

Posted in Star Wars by Conner Flynn on September 10th, 2008

$18,000 Darth Vader bronze statueDon’t we always have you covered on the latest Star Wars stuff? Does an ewok poop in the Forest of Endor? Yes and yes. I present to you a Darth Vader that’s been bronzed heavier then George Hamilton in the Bahamas. It’s the work of Lawrence Noble and will cost you $18,000. The limited edition weighs in at 4 feet tall and 150 lbs.

I don’t know what you would do with it aside from admiring it’s bronz-i-ness. I suppose you could kneel before it and profess your love of the dark side and ask your master what his bidding is for you on that day. I guess you could sit it across from a statue of the Virgin Mary and call the news when they both start to cry, then charge for admission. That’s what I would do. Lord Vader is available from the official Star Wars webshop.