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Quanta Gets One Million Unit Order For OLPC XO Notebook

Posted in News,Notebooks,OLPC by Darrin Olson on February 17th, 2007

OLPC confirms one million laptop orders to QuantaThe OLCP (One Laptop Per Child) group has announced a confirmed order of one million of its low-price XO notebooks produced through Quanta, who manufactures notebook PC’s for Apple, Dell and HP as well as OLPC.

We had reported last month about the new inexpensive XO laptops from the OLPC initiative which are intended for use in remote villages and run on very little power to connect children to information and to each other. The challenges were to make a device that is low cost, durable and useful enough to help improve the economies, knowledge and general lives of people in remote areas.

This confirmed order is good news not only for the OLPC project, but also in the effort to bring the costs of manufacturing the laptops closer to the $100 mark. Currently the notebooks are selling for around …