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Dyson Airblade drys your hands in 10 seconds

Posted in Home by Conner Flynn on December 17th, 2008

Dyson Airblade drys your hands in 10 secondsThis hand-drying device is a turbo-charged hand dryer that supposedly has a “windscreen wiper” effect and it will dry both hands in just 10 seconds. Not only that, but the system runs four times faster than typical units, blasting air at around 400mpb on your hands.

That force will make the skin on your hands ripple, not burn as if you just touched the ark of the covenant. It’s also 80% more efficient than conventional dryers found in public restrooms. The device removes bacteria and mold from the air using HEPA filtration. Wastewater gets passed through an iodine resin filter to disinfect it, and then piezo crystal technology releases the sterilized water as harmless mist.